The Secret Behind Earth Kingdom’s Powerful Economy – Cabbages

Secret Behind Earth Kingdom’s Powerful Economy:

In the Avatar Universe, the Cabbage Merchant is probably the unluckiest businessman. Every time he encounters Team Avatar, his business endeavors fall into ruins. There is an entire fan base of the Cabbage Merchant, who has been vocal in their demand for a spinoff series just for this ill-fated salesman. All these years, we have seen the Cabbage Merchant and his precious cabbages in a comic light. But there might be more to his cabbages than what meets the eye. Cabbages might be the reason for the economical might of the entire Earth Kingdom.

Secret Behind Earth Kingdom’s Economy

In the world of Avatar, the Cabbage Merchant was an Earth Kingdom Businessman who had run into unfortunate run-ins with Team Avatar. They were solely responsible for the majority of his produce being destroyed. The Cabbage Merchant’s tryst with bad luck ended after he realized a business idea while visiting the Earthen Fire Refinery. He founded Cabbage Corp and started selling automobiles and other technological products to the masses.

The theory states that the Cabbage Man’s cabbages were the sole bread earner for the Earth Kingdom. There is a close connection between Cabbage Corp, the infamous vegetable, and the man who started it all with that of Erath Kingdom’s revenue streams. Cabbages are some of the sturdiest vegetables on Earth. They can survive harsh environmental conditions. Hell, they have survived the Hundred Year War for God’s sake!! They have been around ever since the time of Avatar Kyoshi. Is the power of cabbages that effective?

Secret Behind Earth Kingdom’s Economy

Let’s find out.

Cabbages are a rather cheap source of nutrition. They are available in plenty in the Earth Kingdom. There was an instance when the Cabbage Man’s produce was destroyed thrice in one city. He managed to secure a cartload every time. This was not possible if there was not a heavy supply of cabbages already in the city. The Cabbage Man would move his cabbages from one city to another via his cart, a literal back-breaking effort. During that time, his cargo might be susceptible to pillaging, pirates, and a quartet of mischievous kids trying to save the world.

Secret Behind Earth Kingdom’s Economy

The Cabbage Man had to find a solution. It is then that he had his Eureka moment. The Cabbage Man saw a Fork Lift in action and termed it a “remarkable machine”. This marked the start of a Cabbage Revolution.

The Cabbage Man soon started Cabbage Corp. A heavily industrialized business entity that used mechanized technology to move cabbages from one city to another. Soon Cabbage Corp started selling automobile technology to others and established itself as an industrial powerhouse. Cabbage Corp took off and along with it, the Earth Kingdom reaped huge benefits.

Many claims that the rise of Cabbage Corp was the reason for the rise of Republic City, the most industrialized city in the Avatar Universe. Because of pioneering the mechanical and technological industry, Cabbage Corp led the charge into the future for not just the Earth Kingdom but all the Four Nations in the world of Avatar.

Cabbage Corp is the primary competitor of Sato’s Future Industries. Its competitive advantage is that it uses locally available resources to create products in bulk to keep costs down. Their automobiles are more compact and reliable. Cabbage Corp also makes airships and other modes of transport for the Earth Kingdom. All of this would never have been possible of one man did not love this obscure vegetable enough. It was cabbages that started it all.

Secret Behind Earth Kingdom’s Powerful Economy

Cabbages are a cash crop. They can be cultivated in bulk and with relative ease. They ended up inspiring a man to start what will probably be termed the Industrial Revolution of the Avatar Universe. The Cabbage Merchant is the reason for it all folks. You may laugh at him. You may smirk (because we know we are). But this guy’s love for veggies ended up changing the entire world. What we want right now is a spinoff series featuring the Rise of the Cabbage Merchant and his Cabbage Corp. Is that too much to ask? Maybe! Maybe not!!

Just give us the show already!!

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