What Would’ve Happened if The Saiyan Genocide Never Happened in Dragon Ball Z?

Saiyan Genocide in Dragon Ball Z:

The Dragon Ball Universe puts heavy emphasis on the Saiyan Race. There is only a handful of them all throughout the cosmos, most of them being on the planet of Earth. Goku, Vegeta, and now Broly are the only pure-blooded Saiyans to exist in the Dragon Ball Universe. Hybrid Saiyans – specifically Saiyan-Human hybrids like Gohan, Goten, and Trunks, make up for most of the Saiyan ranks. The Saiyan Race is by and large dying and even if their progeny starts multiplying, the original and unadulterated gene pool of the Saiyan species is lost forever. But what if they are brought back from the dead? Better yet, what would the Dragon Ball Universe look like if the Saiyan Race never goes extinct?

Saiyan Genocide in Dragon Ball Z

Frieza, the inter-galactic dictator, and conqueror of over 300 planets was the one who destroyed Planet Vegeta, the home planet of the Saiyans. Apart from a few survivors, all the Saiyans perished. Frieza was scared of the Myth of the Super Saiyan and did not want to take any chances. He never wanted a Saiyan to gain enough power and challenge him. The Saiyans were exterminated by Frieza’s Death Ball and the entire event infamously came to be known as the Saiyan Genocide.

For now, the Saiyans are just part of old stories and folk tales. Their might and prowess were legendary during ancient times and the entire universe was once scared of them all. The Universe is by and large a better place now that the Saiyans are gone. But what if they are brought back? The Dragon Balls containing the might and magic of Dragons could reverse the Saiyan Genocide. All it takes is a little wish. It could bring back all the Saiyans from the dead. Hell, it could even restore the damage done by Frieza and bring back the entire Saiyan Home World if need be. When a barbaric and savage race like the Saiyans returns to the land of the living, the repercussions are endless.

Before we discuss the consequences in detail, let us explain a thing or two about the Saiyan Race first.

The Saiyans originated in the Planet of Sadala. They were a savage species who led a path of violence as barbaric warriors. They soon came into conflict with the Tuffles, another species that was way more technologically advanced than the primitive Saiyans. The Tuffles were soon defeated by the Saiyans and the latter adopted the technology developed by the Tuffles, thus becoming a space-faring species in the process. The Saiyans soon moved to the Planet of Vegeta, where they multiplied in huge numbers, and then made a name for themselves as ruthless and powerful warriors and mercenaries. They were soon assimilated into Frieza’s Empire.

Saiyan Genocide in Dragon Ball Z

Frieza soon became wary of the Saiyans. Their ever-increasing power and strength worried him. Realizing that the Saiyans would one day surpass his power and challenge him for the throne, he decided to wipe them out before that happened. Even though the entire Saiyan army resisted Frieza, he still managed to annihilate the planet and every Saiyan in it. Only a few Saiyans escaped Frieza’s wrath like Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz, and Kakarot. Nappa and Raditz would soon meet their doom. Vegeta and Kakarot aka Goku would eventually become allies and Universe 7’s strongest warriors of all time.

And now let’s see what happens if the Universe 7 Saiyan Race is brought back.

Saiyan Genocide in Dragon Ball Z

To try and understand the aftermath of resurrecting the Saiyan Race, we have to take some leaves from the Saiyan Race of another Universe that showed up in the Tournament of Power saga. The Saiyans of Universe 6 are quite similar to the Saiyans of Universe 7. They are an alternate reality counterpart of Universe 7 where the Saiyans never left Planet Sadala. As a result, they relied on primal evolution to better themselves as warriors.

Saiyan Genocide in Dragon Ball Z

The Saiyans of Universe 6 eventually lost their tails and underwent anatomical changes. From what we know, Universe 6 Saiyans are more nimble, agile, and less bulky than the Saiyans of Universe 7. They also developed amazing potential. The Super Saiyan transformation, which was a feat very difficult to achieve for the Saiyans of Universe 7, was a piece of cake for Universe 6.

This proves that if the Saiyans of Universe 7 had their way, they could have easily surpassed Frieza. A race like that, if at all existed in the mainstream Dragon Ball Universe, would have easily conquered almost the entire universe and set their sights on Earth, where Goku and the Z Fighters reside.

The Saiyans of Universe 6 showed honor and valor in battle. They were more empathetic and less barbaric than the ones of Universe 7. The universe 7 Saiyans, since they had a more tumultuous history and had a rather unjust King who had segmented and fragmented the entire Saiyan Society on the basis of a rigid and elitist Class Structure, would not be as benevolent. If they are resurrected and brought back, the Saiyans would run amok in Universe 7. This time they would not have Frieza opposing them. A Free reign would spell death for the Universe.

Saiyan Genocide in Dragon Ball Z

Just like Universe 6, one way or the other the Saiyans of Universe 7 would have also unlocked the power of the Super Saiyan. Saiyans other than Goku and Vegeta have shown this ability. Bardock is a prime example. Although non-canon now, Bardock did turn into a Super Saiyan when he was pushed to his absolute limits! That was how he defeated Chilled. Chilled survived and passed down the story of the Super Saiyan to his descendants. Frieza, Chilled’s descendant, got wind of this story and that is how the Saiyan Genocide happened in the first place.

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There are legends within the Saiyan Culture itself that claim that thousands of years ago, all Saiyans had the power to transform into the legendary Super Saiyan state. That is the same form that now only Broly has access to. The legendary Super Saiyan form was what turned the Saiyans into a universal nightmare for countless civilizations. Unkempt and unchecked, many such Saiyans would have achieved this form. A single Legendary Super Saiyan almost brought Goku and Vegeta to their knees. A group of them would have destroyed the cosmos.

Next Form of Vegeta is More Powerful Than Goku

What would this have meant for Goku and Vegeta though? If the Saiyan Race comes back from the dead, Vegeta would have to make a tough choice. Either stay with his family and the Z Fighters on Earth or go back to fulfill his duties as the Saiyan Prince. If Vegeta chooses the latter then the things will be a little complicated for the Z Fighters. Vegeta became a good guy only because he was exposed to the human values of friendship and kindness.

Saiyan Genocide in Dragon Ball Z

Without that emotional anchor to serve as a moral compass, Vegeta would soon become a tyrant under the Saiyan Culture’s influence. If the Saiyans do attack Earth (which they most probably will at one point of time), Vegeta and Goku will end up becoming bitter enemies. It will be a fight for the history books but it will be painful to see both these Saiyan juggernauts try to kill each other, for real this time.

Saiyan Genocide in Dragon Ball Z

So it is better than the Saiyan Race remains dead for now. Believe it or not, the Saiyan Genocide was actually necessary and Frieza, indirectly, has saved Universe 7.

The last Dragon Ball arc to have been featured in the Manga is the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga. Released in the year 2018, the Manga is still on-going and again sees the Dragon Ball Universe in grave danger from an ancient enemy that has broken free of its prison. The official synopsis for the arc reads:

Galactic Patrol Kidnapping. Following the ordeal surrounding Broly, Goku trains with Vegeta in the Gravity Training Room. … Vegeta asks why he needs Buu and Merus explains that a dangerous criminal has broken free of the Galactic Prison and in order to recapture him they need the assistance of the Grand Supreme Kai.

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