10 Unknown Facts About Toph Beifong – The Greatest Bender That Ever Lived

Facts About Toph Beifong:

Toph is one of the greatest Benders that ever walked the Avatar Universe. She has garnered a huge fan-following and is well-respected as one of the most important characters of The Last Airbender. But we bet most of you do not know about these facts about Toph.

 1. Became a Politician

By the time the Legend of Korra series ended, Toph was a senior citizen. She had taken to life within the swamps, living the life of an ascetic. In the comic book arc Ruins of the Empire, which is an extension of Legend of Korra, Avatar Korra and Earth King Wu persuade Toph to enter Earth Kingdom Politics. General Guan, a candidate with very extreme and radical views was seen as a threat to world peace and harmony by Korra. Wu and Korra supported Toph in her endeavor. Toph came from the acclaimed Beifong line. So she was a pretty famous personality. Moreover, she had made a name for herself by creating the art of Metal Bending and the Metal Bending City as well as Academy. Toph only lost because Guan used underhanded tactics of brainwashing to kick her out of the race.

 2. Has Battled Aang

Aang is a pacifist. He only picks a fight if there is absolutely no other way to deal with a situation. The most he hates is fighting his friends. That was exactly the ace when Toph Beifong and Aang battled. One of the factories owned by Toph’s family was creating rampant pollution within the vicinity. Aang believed that the spirits were acting up and the pollution was harming them. So he set about to destroy that factory. Toph would fight for her family’s honor. Aang and Toph fought over the factory. Toph even had a platoon of Metal Benders to help her. It was later revealed that the spirits were acting up for a different reason. The Factory was not the one to be blamed for it.

 3. Her Daughter founded Zaofu – the Metal City

Suyin Beifong was a very rebellious child. Unlike Toph, she was not disciplined and would bring shame to the Beifong name multiple times. As a result, she was sent to live with Toph’s parents. Suyin eventually realized the error of her ways. Gifted with the same art as her mother, she excelled in Earth Bending and Metal Bending. Suyin laid down the foundations for Zaofu, an autonomous city-state within the Earth Kingdom. Zaofu is regarded by many as the safest city in the Avatar Universe. It has an army of Metal Bending Police Peace Keepers that are also the result of Toph’s actions to bring Metal Bending to the forefront of the Avatar World..

 4. Animal Lover

The power of Elemental Bending was gifted to humans by the lion Turtles. But before that part of the story was ret-conned, the people believed that each elemental bending was a gift from a specific creature. For example, the Earth Benders learned Earth Bending for the first time from badger moles. The Fire Benders learned their skills from the Dragons. The Air Benders developed the skill of controlling the air from the Sky Bisons while the Water Benders learned it from the Moon itself. Toph has repeatedly claimed that she preferred the company of Badger Moles, the original Earth Benders, than that of human beings. She said that animals do not make rules and borders. Humans do. And unlike people’s two-faced nature, animals only live on instincts and are pure-hearted. Toph is a big-time animal lover.

 5. Became a Police Chief

Facts About Toph Beifong

After the events of The Last Airbender, the bending techniques proliferated beyond belief. Technology advanced at a very high rate and criminals started using their bending skills to commit the crime. Republic City saw a surge in crime rates. To counter that, Toph created the first-ever Bending Peacekeepers. The Metal Bending Police Force used Toph’s signature Metal Bending Art. Eventually, the police force included other elemental benders to be used as enforcers and detectives. Toph herself became the Chief of Police of Republic City and under her command, criminals like Lightning bolt Zolt and the Water Bender Yakone remained in check. Toph set the precedent for the Metal Bending Police Force, a division of legendary stature within the Avatar Universe.

 6. Not a Good Mother

Facts About Toph Beifong

Toph has two daughters – Lin and Suyin Beifong. When Toph was a child, she was always kept behind closed doors. Her over-caring and over-protective parents never let her do anything or go anywhere without supervision. Toph hated her life as a child. So she decided not to do that to her children. She gave the utmost freedom to her two daughters. While that was a noble thought, one aspect of parenthood is that you must know when to put your foot down to keep your children in check. Without Toph interfering in her daughters’ life, Suyin and Lin started growing apart. Suyin became a free-spirited warrior who would bring shame to the Beifong Line. Lin grew distant and hardened, becoming a Metal Bending PeaceKeeper who never let emotions take over her.

 7. Developed the ability to sense the entire world

Toph had taken to the life of a sage during the events of The Legend of Korra. Many wondered where she was. It was later revealed that Toph had made a huge swamp in her new home. There she had discovered a tree that was so ancient and huge that its roots spanned all over the world. Using the tree’s gigantic roots as a conduit for her seismic sense, Toph then developed the power to “see” and “sense” the entire world. Just by tapping on the tree, Toph could know what was going on in any part of the world since everything was connected to the ground. Toph used this ability to even watch over her children, making sure they were safe.

 8. Made friends with Ty Lee

Facts About Toph Beifong

Ty Lee will always be the greatest nonbender fighter in the history of the Avatar Universe. Her ability to Chi Blocking, which allowed her to block chi pathways and temporarily take away a bender’s ability to control the elements, was deadly and accurate. Ty Lee would change sides and join the Kyoshi Warriors. She did so to make up for all the evil she had done as part of Team Azula. When Ty Lee was feeling low, it was Toph that cheered her up. Toph would later visit Ty Lee and her twin sisters. There the girls banded together to stop another villain from destroying Ty Lee’s Circus.

 9. Insecurities

She does exhume a tough girl look. Nothing can get under her rock hard skin. Toph developed this façade to shield herself from people figuring out her innermost insecurities. In Ba Sing Se, Toph and Katara had a Girls Day Out. They visited spas and parlors, doing all girly things. It was there that Toph revealed how deeply troubled she was. Toph told Katara that she has come to terms with her blindness but the world, the people around her probably haven’t. She was insecure about her relationship with her family and what the future entailed for her as the heir to the mighty Beifong legacy. It was very eye-opening to see Toph reveal some of her deepest and darkest secrets to the viewers.

 10. Extremely Clever

It is very easy to mistake a blind girl to be very innocent. With Toph’s cute look, it is even easier for her. But that does not stop Toph from using it to her advantage. Toph is always planning something cunning within her mind. She is known to use underhanded and very shrewd tactics to get the job done. Nothing is beneath her. During Season 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Toph used her magnificently precision-based Earth Bending Skills to cheat in street gambling games. She earned a busload of cash from those exploits. Toph was clever enough to let herself be captured and instructed Katara to collect the reward for “capturing” her. Toph is one of the cleverest and wickedly cunning benders ever. She is probably second only to Yakone in that regard.

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