Who Saved Grogu From The Temple of Corossaunt? Order 66 History Explained

The Star Wars franchise has been going through a tough time ever since the Disney acquisition. But with Lucasfilms back in the driving seat and George Lucas taking creative charge of the franchise, things are finally looking up. The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett have garnered race reviews from the fans and seem to be making up for the problems of the new movies. Grogu and Din Djarin return in episode 6 of The Book of Boba FettThe episode also sheds light on the past of Baby Yoda and answers the question of who saved Grogu during Order 66. Take a look at what happened.

This episode of the show was titled From The Desert Comes A Stranger. To everyone’s surprise, the stranger was not someone we have seen previously. The show has lacked a concrete scary villain in the series but it seems that they’ve got one now. Cad Bane is the stranger who arrives at the behest of the Pykes. He is here to let Boba know that things are about to get serious and he is playing with the big boys now. Meanwhile, Luke and Asoka delve into Grogu’s past where some important questions are answered. Let us break down the major lore implications that this episode creates for the franchise. After all, Order 66 has always been a big deal in the universe.


Who Saved Grogu

After the end of The Mandalorian season 2, Grogu was left with Luke Skywalker on an unnamed planet to start his Jedi training. In chapter 5 of. In the Book Of Boba Fett, we saw The Mandalorian return to get something reforged from the armorer. This was now revealed to be a chainmail beskar Armor for Grogu. Din returns to the place of Jedi and meets up with Asoka. Anakin’s former padawan suggests the Din should not meet the Jedi in training because this will hinder the youngling’s training. The Mandalorian agrees reluctantly and leaves the gift he got for Grogu with Asoka.


We finally meet Grogu while he trains with Luke. Here, the Jedi Master offers the younglings a choice. Take the chainmail Armor from his father and follow him or take the lightsaber and become a Jedi. The Jedi master also uses Jedi mind tricks to access the youngling’s suppressed memory. This allows us to witness how Grogu was saved during Order 66 from his perspective. The youngling was in a Jedi temple that the Storm Troopers were guarding. But after the execution of Order 66 at the emperor’s direction, things went south quickly. We can see three Jedi trying to fight off the Storm Troopers. They are thought to be Cain Drallig, Bene, and Whie Marleaux.


They are quickly shot down but it is possible one of them saved Grogu from the horrendous fate. However, it is possible that Master Yaddle was the one to get him out of the temple. How he made his way to the time when Din finds him is still unclear but we think the surviving Jedis must have handed him over for safekeeping at some point. We are lucky that it was Din who was charged with retrieving the youngling. But what is the next step in the young Jedi’s journey, this is the question on everyone’s mind.


The Book Of Boba Fett

We reckon that we may find out in a future episode what will happen with him. However, for now, the series should focus on Boba Fett. It is The Book of Boba Fett and yet the show has been nothing but cameos for the last two episodes. However, with the return of Cad Bane things are hearing up in Tatooine. Boba Fett wants to be the crime lord of Freetown so he had previously tussled with the Pykes. Now that Freetown has stopped the flow of spice, Cad Bane arrives to set the record straight. He puts down a deputy and reminds everyone that it is the Pykes who are the law around here.


Now, it is true that Boba is a respectable soldier and a formidable enemy. But fans of Clone Wars know how dangerous Cad Bane can be. A fact he reminds everyone of. Also, the live-action adaptation of this character is quite terrifying. We wonder if there is a confrontation between him and Boba in the final episode. Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.


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