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Who Played Luke Skywalker in The Book of Boba Fett? New Actor Revealed

Fans finally got a chance to see Mandalorian return in the spinoff series The Book of Boba Fett. The character has a reason to appear here with a narrative that was being built in the series that paved the way for his return. There was much hype about when we would see the character return considering The Mandalorian was the most exciting project from Star Wars in recent years. Fans were wondering if we will get to see the titular character reunite with Grogu following the events at the end of Season 2 of The Mandalorian. Mandalorian does end up coming near Grogu and we also get to witness another important character’s appearance, Luke Skywalker. After the epic episode 6 of Boba Fett, we all want to know who played Luke Skywalker. Well, it seems that a new actor has been cast as the stand-in for Mark Hammil.

Master Luke Returns

Much recently, the entire Star Wars franchise was brought back with new projects that were canon to the narrative. Fans got to witness three new movies and two other spinoff projects but they weren’t as good as the original projects. These projects didn’t live up to the original trilogy and fans expected to see something that would actually deliver. A lot of the original stars also returned to this new trilogy and had significant roles to play according to the narrative. But the real excitement would come when we would get to see the very first Disney+ series The Mandalorian.


The series would explore the adventures of Din Djarin as he goes on a quest to deliver Grogu to safe hands. Season 1 of the series would give us some of the most exciting moments and prove it to be a worthy Star Wars project. There would be a lot of hints to the franchise with certain characters also making appearances. But Disney delighted fans by bringing some of the past characters making their appearance in the second season. While characters like Boba Fett, Ahsoka, and Bo-Katan are characters we hadn’t seen in the past movies, the most surprising appearance was Luke Skywalker. Considering Mark Hammil has aged quite a lot for reprising the role, Lucasfilm used different means to give is Luke Skywalker’s return.


Who Played Luke Skywalker

The surprising cameo from Luke Skywalker was executed in The Mandalorian by utilizing a blend of “deep fake” and de-aging technology. This allowed for the face of the character to be taken from Mark Hammil while it was superimposed to the face of another actor. In order to execute this, Lucasfilm used actor Max Lloyd-Jones as the stand-in for the actor. Over the years we have seen this being executed in a variety of Disney projects specifically in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though the effect was almost obvious fans were still surprised to see the character being brought to life to some amount of perfection.


This same narrative was brought back in the spinoff series The Book of Boba Fett. Luke Skywalker had taken away Grogu along with him and fans were wondering if we would get to see the Mandalorian reunite with Baby Yoda again. With the character appearing in Episode 5 of the series, fans expected to see Grogu also making an appearance. Episode 6 took us to the place where Luke Skywalker was training Grogu with the ways of the force.

But this time around, actor and voice artist Graham Hamilton was credited for the episode as the Jedi’s “Performance Artist“.

Who Played Luke Skywalker – Graham Hamilton

He seems to have done a remarkable job in recreating Luke Skywalker.


Max Lloyd-Jones on the other hand made an appearance earlier in the series as a New Republic lieutenant. But this time around he wasn’t credited at all and this clearly indicates that he was replaced from the role. The credits did not specifically state who was the stand-in for the role of Hamill’s Luke this time around. But the other characters appearing in the series clearly mean that he couldn’t have been playing the role for some other Jedi.


Who Played Luke Skywalker

The way Luke Skywalker has been brought into the series we can be sure to see a lot more of him. There were rumors and theories suggesting that Sebastian Stan will take on the role but they haven’t come true yet. Even the actor himself has not clarified if he will be appearing in the role in the Disney+ shows. But with a number of other spinoff series coming from The Mandalorian series we can expect to see Luke Skywalker appearing in them too.

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