7 Major Plot Holes In Game of Thrones Season 7

As another season ends on our favorite show we did a quick analysis and well there are some plot holes in Game of Thrones this time. This is one of the biggest TV shows in history which is why no mistake can be afforded but it looks like Game of Thrones is hurrying to the finish line and is leaving some plot holes here and there. There are many things that are left unexplained and we are scratching our heads over them.

The Greyjoy fleet:

In Game of Thrones, Euron Greyjoy said to the Ironborns in an episode last season that build me a thousand ships and I will give you the world. Now he has a fleet of a 1000 ships and all we can think is how!? The best ships were taken by Yara and Theon and even they weren’t this good. What did Euron feed his ironborns that they could now make these ships so quickly? Euron came to king’s landing in almost the same span of time as Yara came to Danarys but Euron got a bigger fleet too? HOW!

Is there a new transportation service?

You might have noticed how people are getting from one place to another very quickly in this season. It is almost unrealistic seeing that people can only travel by the sea or road in Westeros (except Dany of course). In the earlier seasons it took a few episodes to get from Winterfell to King’s Landing but now Jon and company got from Dragonstone to the wall in the same episode! We understand the show is hurrying the timeline as they have to fit a lot in just the last season but then why only 7 episodes…huh!

Who is designing clothes for Dany?

Dany has been sporting different looks since the first season. Her clothes change whenever she goes through different situations. From the Dothraki drags to the biker chick leather clothes she is wearing this season, Dany’s style has come a long way. In the last episode Dany wore a stunning fur coat thing when she came North but who is designing all this so instantly for her? Also we see these different types of furs and leather skins on her even though there isn’t a lot many type of animals in Westeros.

Where do the white walkers get weapons?

We have now seen the white walkers fight in full action and Dany has even lost a dragon to them. The walkers have ice spears and iron chains to bind a dragon but where are they getting all this? Do they have a white walker iron factory somewhere north of the wall where they make all this or do they steal stuff from others. This should have been explained at some point.

The messenger service:

So Gendry sends a raven to Dragonstone which arrives in a matter of hours. This raven service is apparently faster than Facebook Messenger! Is there some different type of raven breed in Westeros that can fly so fast and deliver instant messages? Dragons and white walkers were ok but this is getting way out of hand now.

How did Jorah recover so quickly?

Jorah Mormont finally got cured in this season of the deadly disease called Greyscale all thanks to Samwell Tarly. So Sam used a chisel and carved out all the infected skin off him leaving exposed pink flesh that could not recover so quickly. Still we see Jorah come to Dragonstone in the next episode ready to serve Dany. This is an amazing accomplishment for plastic surgery even in our world!

How did Gendry run so fast?Game of Thrones

We have seen that Gendry is physically fit and can swing a hammer well but how fast can he run? Apparently too fast. It is his first mission and he is excited but this boy can really run. So as soon as our Suicide Squad finds out that they are hugely outnumbered, Gendry has to run back to Eastwatch and send for help which he does very efficiently. He runs at the speed of light and completes the task and it is too unrealistic but then this guy rowed a boat for three seasons!

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