Dragon Ball Super: Grand Minister Is The Real Ruler, Not Zeno

The Dragon Ball franchise introduced a bunch of characters in Dragon Ball Super. Super introduced new universes and the concept of angels and gods of destruction. With this, we were introduced to the Grand Minister. Even though Grand Zeno is the mightiest figure of all, it seems that Grand Minister is the real deal. It seems like he holds most of the power. The tournament of Power ended with Grand Minister and Grand Zeno being impressed by the powers displayed by Universe 6 and 7. As a result, Grand Minister invited Goku to visit his home, where he was reunited with Grand Zeno and was greeted by Grand Minister as well. While the Grand Minister is talking to Whis, it is revealed that he is the father of all the angels.

Earlier in the arc, it was revealed that Whis is far stronger than Beerus. So much so that he can knock out Universe 7’s God of Destruction with a single chop. This easily suggests that every angel is stronger than their respective Universe’s God of Destruction. Which means the Grand Minister is stronger than his kids. He is constantly seen with Grand Zeno, which suggests that he is really influential.

Dragon Ball Super's True Villain

One must think that Grand Zeno, the most powerful there is, would be scary to look at. Rather, he is really childish and naive. When the two Zenos were thoroughly entertained by the Tournament of Power, Grand Minister was always more focused on the events of the tournament and even had the influence to steer Zenos’ attention. He is the cosmic gatekeeper and watches over the Grand Zeno. He decided the audience that has to be in Zeno’s company.

Dragon Ball Super's True Villain

Grand Minister comes off as a really cool guy. He doesn’t speak much or even moves much. But he has been established as one of the strongest and is always present. But it has been seen that everyone including the Gods and the Angels are terrified of him. The Gods fear him, and the Angels respect him as he is their father. It will be truly interesting to see the Grand Minister in action if it ever comes to it. The Grand Minister is also seen talking with the command to the Grand Zeno with no fear of consequences.

Hence, it is clear that he has untold strength. Or better yet, he can never be touched. It’s good for the Z fighters that the Grand Minister is on the good side, because if he was to turn evil then it is hard to believe that alone would be there to stop him.

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