Seven Times Goku Needed Someone to Save His Ass In A Fight

We all need someone to rely upon and survive through. It can be for a day, an hour, or for life. Now we don’t expect our heroes to take the support of others, especially superheroes in movies, anime, etc. But we have to burst your bubble and tell you when the great Goku needed someone’s help in Dragon Ball, otherwise, he wouldn’t have become what he’s today. He’s an icon for sure, but even he’s not immortal and time and again it has been proved that he needed a lot of help to get through in the series.

 1. Goku’s fight with Jiren

Initially, Goku was unable to defeat the universe 11 fighter, Jiren on his own. He wasn’t that powerful enough to fight him and then came Vegeta, who helped him fight against Jiren by combining his strength with Goku. And together they defeated Jiren. Seeing Vegeta and Goku both fighting someone together was pretty enduring and fun.

 2. The legendary fight with Broly

Goku Fights in Dragon Ball

Once again, Vegeta and his other friends or team members came to Goku’s rescue. At one point we thought that the series hero is gonna be defeated for sure, but his backup never fails to amuse us and save Goku at the right time. Broly failed to defeat Goku and we all thanked Vegeta for that! It’s so ironic that Vegeta wanted to destroy Goku himself, but he’s the one who keeps on saving him!

 3. Goku vs. Android 19

Lucky for Goku, his team is always ready to be there for him and save him. In this scene also, Vegeta, kinda helped Goku fight Android 19. Android 19 dominated Goku in the whole fight sequence and almost had his life when Vegeta entered and delivered a really Powerful kick on Android 19’s head. And Goku being very weak took Yamaha’s help to escape the fight in the end.

 4. Golden Frieza attack

Goku Fights in Dragon Ball Goku Needed Someone to Save
Goku Needed Someone to Save

Goku’s constant will and righteous attitude to have a fair and square fight in every Dragon Ball series have cost him a fight with Golden Frieza in Dragon Ball Super. He nearly lost it and got defeated but Vegeta came just in time and once again saved Goku from death. But what is interesting in this arc is that Golden Frieza’s riot didn’t end there and Vegeta wasn’t as lucky as Goku and got killed by him in return.

 5. Piccolo to the rescue

We all remember Frieza and his enmity towards Goku. Goku and Frieza’s battle is actually the longest fight in anime history and we had so much fun watching it, also because Goku for the first time was so helpless and weak, but Piccolo came and interfered just in time when Frieza launched his death beam at Goku and that deadly blast was taken by Piccolo. We must say Goku is really lucky to have such people in his life!

 6. The Metal Cooler effect

Goku has been really lucky to escape all those fatal blasts and deaths, but this one is especially lucky as Goku survived his first encounter with Cooler. Because of Piccolo’s blast distraction, Metal Cooler can’t fire another blast and it nearly saved Goku’s ass. And when he was reborn Vegeta saved Goku from Cooler by dropping him from Cooler’s clutches and giving Goku his power to fight back Cooler.

 7. Stalling Vegeta

Goku Needed Someone to Save
Goku Needed Someone to Save

Kid Buu was so unstable with his fighting style and techniques that even Goku’s super Saiyan 3 wasn’t enough and then came Vegeta stalling and buying some time for Goku to gather some of his energy and then he produced spirit bomb, which tried Goku escaping the fatal situation. Vegeta has been quite a wonderful frenemy to Goku and has saved his life on one too many times.

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