7 Reasons Why Anime Nerds Don’t Like to Binge-Watch Anything Else

With the growth in the field of technology and communication, one cannot deny the wild spread of anime like a forest fire across the world. With time we all have grown up to the idea of watching the influence of the Japanese world. We have always somehow felt an absolute connection with it. Anime has its way of defining the world and its happenings with a little color of its frantic imagination for us to look forward to. With this crazy journey that started without a warning, one surely cannot find itself retrieving from it. To contemplate the crazy desires of you anime lovers, here are some reasons why you see the world a little differently than others.

 1. It shows real and flawed Characters

Characters in anime are not spared by perfection. Perfect characters don’t exist in anime, and if they do exist, it’s usually because it’s being set up to prove a plot point, which makes an anime interesting and logical. Anime provides a massive catalog of characters with real emotional depth and there are no limits to what a character can be. Each character has their unique weakness, strength, motivation, and a unique hairstyle! We have all watched films and TV shows, but no character is as real and relatable compare to anime.

 2. Strong female characters

There’s a bit of a misconception about the way anime portrays women, but sexualization aside, women in anime are not as shown as weak, rather they are mostly logical, strong, dynamic characters. Women are not portrayed as damsels in distress. Rather you will often find the female characters beating the hell out of male characters, which is super cool to watch.

 3. Forces us to feel and imagine

Anime Nerds Binge-Watch
Anime Nerds Binge-Watch

Let’s be honest here, we all have cried uncontrollably on the death of our favorite anime character, especially in shows like Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc. it has the power to extract our deep emotions. We have had a rollercoaster of feelings while watching anime as they carry great stories with a rainbow of emotions. We all have laughed, cried, felt betrayed, angry, jealous, greedy, loved, and what not! It’s difficult to understand how mere animation can become so relatable.

 4. Visual and graphic effects

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We all started anime for its unique and appealing to the eye graphics. Anime is super vibrant and colorful, which cheers one’s mood instantly. Anime is a form of entertainment with the perfect graphics. We all have been fascinated by Pokémon and the characters of Dragon Ball in our earliest days because of its eye-catching over the top vibrancy.

 5. Suitable for all ages

Anime Nerds Binge-Watch
Anime Nerds Binge-Watch

Anime can be watched anytime, anywhere, and by anyone. There is not “too old to watch” theory here. One cannot get enough of all the twists, suspense, fights, love, and turns in the storyline it has to offer. It has so much variety to offer that there is an anime for every age group and mood. You just have to find it out.

 6. Amazing action sequences

There is not even an argument about it that anime fights are far better than any other fight sequence you may come across in your life. When it comes to the big fights, there’s no denying that the department of anime is the best. Dragon Ball, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Seven deadly sins are just some handful of examples of the jaw-dropping and exciting fights it has to offer.

 7. Thought-provoking

Anime Nerds Binge-Watch
Anime Nerds Binge-Watch

A mistake that can be easily made is assuming that anime is made for kids due to the use of animation. While there are many shows and movies primarily set for kids, there are still many anime shows that are not meant for children. Much of anime is centered on a certain mature theme whether it is death, acceptance, morality, war, or nature itself that leaves the viewer in a pensive state. While some of them might be extremely dark, but the audience comes out of it finding something new and worth thinking about.

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