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  • MoviesStories Behind Your Favorite Characters

    Real Stories Behind The Iconic Looks of Your Favorite Characters

    One might wonder that the famous characters from movies and series got their signature looks after hours or days of brainstorming amongst creative minds. But you’ll be surprised to learn that the looks that get the heroes identified globally had the silliest backstory. Harry Potter’s round glasses became a fashion that still exists but you’ll laugh after hearing its origin.…

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  • AnimeAnime Nerds Binge Watch

    7 Reasons Why Anime Nerds Don’t Like to Binge-Watch Anything Else

    With the growth in the field of technology and communication, one cannot deny the wild spread of anime like a forest fire across the world. With time we all have grown up to the idea of watching the influence of the Japanese world. We have always somehow felt an absolute connection with it. Anime has its way of defining the…

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  • TelevisionThe Most Legendary Anime Villains

    10 of The Most Legendary Anime Villains of All Time

    Legendary Anime Villains: All our lives, we thought super villains were only something seen in the comic books. That is not true. Back in the Land of the Rising Sun, Super-Villains thrived under a different industry – the World of anime. Throughout the years, the anime industry has given us so many different supervillains that are incredibly powerful and the…

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  • MoviesOne Punch Man Heroes of one punch man

    10 Amazing Facts About Heroes of One Punch Man Everyone Gloriously Missed

    One Punch Man started out as a parody of all the superhero fiction that was taking the world by storm. The MCU and the DCEU along with a host of other action packed flicks had become the movie making industry’s greatest cash cows. The Japanese Anime industry, with its long associated TV Tropes of overpowered protagonists, were not too far…

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  • TelevisionAnime Characters Powerful Than Goku

    10 Anime Characters That Are Way More Powerful Than Goku Could Ever be

    When it comes to people who love anime, there is seldom a guy that has not heard of Dragonball. For many, Dragonball was their very first anime. It was Dragonball that helped fans all over the world discover that anime can be just as cool and most of the times, even cooler than live action if done properly. In the…

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  • NewsAnime Characters

    Top 10 Craziest Anime Characters

    I always thought anime characters were those perfect faced cartoons with bright clothes and long colourful flowing hair. Boy! Did I change my opinion once I went through some of the creepiest anime series seen on TV? Read on: Monster – 2004 – 2005 Johan Liebert – On the outside Johan seems like an exemplary gentleman, highly intelligent, with a…

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