15 WTF Facts About Dragon Ball That Will Make You Go Crazy!

Dragon Ball Facts:

Ever since 1986, dragon ball has managed to twist our minds with its ever so confusing plots and turns. With time this show has single-handedly made our lives both exciting and open to possibilities that one couldn’t have imagined.

Starting with the adventures of Goku, who learns martial arts to become the world’s finest fighter, he starts searching for seven orbs, also called the Dragon Balls, to summon a wish-granting dragon, the story introduces us to a lot of interesting and wondrous enemies as well as friends.

With a journey this long, one tends to leave some lost strings behind sometimes. But don’t worry we are here to tell you of some crazy facts that you might have missed or forgotten along the way.


One of the most breathtaking and enigmatic anime series ever didn’t originally suppose to exist as the series was meant to be called the Dragon Boy instead of Dragon Ball. The series were originally about how an enslaved boy names Tanton learns to tame a dragon. Although the storyline sounds pretty amazing to start with the ongoing series have managed to win our hearts to the level that nothing could make us gladder about the change in name and plot.


In the world of dragon ball, the one who is considered as the most important and conventional character was originally planned to be a throwaway villain. But fortunately, the liking and high demand of the character made the writers and producers change their minds and made the series what it is today.


The dubbing of Goku’s character is done by a female, named, Masako Nosawa for the entire run of the show. Not only that but she also does the dubbing of Gohan, and Goten as well. Who would have thought that the saying, ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’ would come true in this way!


With all the intense battle scenes and shouting and roaring on top of their lungs (which is like the second most common thing in the show), the show surely gains some spirit and life of its own. But to make these scenes intriguing the dubbing actors surely push themselves to a vast extent so that they could match the energy and enthusiasm of the scene.

It has been revealed that many times dubbing actors have pushed themselves to the state of oblivion, and have found themselves passing out during the dubbing due to overexertion. The American dubbing artist for the role of Goku named, Sean Shemmel, has passed out during dubbing. Now that’s some crazy level hard work!


As one might know that the Z fighters require the aid of clouds to fly. However, Tien and Chiaotzu were among the first Z fighters, who learned how to fly from master Shen and didn’t need a cloud to do so. How cool is that?


As we all know that Goku was adopted by Gohan ( his adopted grandfather), who found him in the woods as an infant and decided to raise him as his own, he gave the monkey tailed kid his first earth names, Goku. However this wasn’t his original first name as on Planet Vegeta, Goku’s original birthplace, he was named Kakarot, based on the vegetable named carrot, hence maintaining Saiyan tradition to name after vegetables. That’s a weird tradition.


Knowing the fact that death isn’t a permanent factor in the world of Dragon Ball Z, one might find it interesting to know that despite being the strongest human, according to the fan base (and which is true in our view too!); Krillin has more death counts than any of the character. The character has died four times in total and has been resurrected each time to accompany his best friend, Goku on his crazy adventures. Guess there’s no mortality in the world of Dragon Ball.


One cannot help but notice that there are no female namekians on the show. In the series, the namekians are shown as asexual creatures that reproduce their kinds by giving birth to an egg through their mouths.


Ultra Instinct Goes Against Dragon Ball

Fans might find it rather shocking to know that the big masculine picture of Goku that they were all hooded by has managed to kill only two people in his life. The character has been shown as an exceptionally skilled and strong fighter who is determined to achieve what is his, but with all these masculine traits, there is also a soft corner in his heart that is merciful enough to forgive people even if they kidnap his son or kill his best friend. In the series, Goku is shown to kill just two people, namely, Babid’s minion, Yakon, and Kid Buu.


Facts About Dragon Ball

Many might not know but the Dragon Ball Z series was introduced to bring an ultimate climax to the Dragon Ball franchise. The creator, Akira Toriyama, planned on ending the series to work on new projects, by taking a five-year leap and depicting an adult Goku with an exciting life.

Facts About Dragon Ball

The series was very conveniently named ‘Z’ to depict the very end, as Z is also the last alphabet. Fortunately, though, the series never ended and is still running giving us jolts of excitement and laughter. One cannot thank Stanly enough as he was the reason why Toriyama continued Dragon Ball.


The history of anime duels is filled with fairly exceeding and presumptuous battles, but the one battle that does not escape our minds and nerves is the one between Goku and Frieza on Namek. It’s the longest battle recorded in the history of anime running for almost four hours. The fight wasn’t just the longest but the most astounding and intense one for all the Dragon Ball lovers as it’s the most unforeseeable one too. In the fight when Frieza is too powerful for Goku and everyone thinks that he is going to be defeated, the tables turn unexpectedly when Goku transforms into his Super Saiyan form for the very first time on dragon ball, thus getting a hang of the viewers and making them bite their fingers in anticipation.


Facts About Majin Buu

The 350 years old master responsible for the training of Goku, grandfather Gohan, Krillin, and many more, has managed to become one of the most vital characters in the series. Although death has no significant part to play in the world of Dragon Ball, one still has to question Master Roshi’s immortality. The main reason behind his immortality is the fact that he possessed an immortal phoenix who granted him immortality.


Martial Arts in Dragon Ball Facts About Dragon Ball

When we see Krillin, his appearance is somewhat questioned by us to a small extent. The six marks on his forehead cannot be easily ignored by us even though the first thing that comes to our mind is the possibility of it being a birthmark. In reality, they are the burn marks that Krillin acquired when he was training to become a monk.


Facts About Dragon Ball

The legendary and multibillion show Dragon Ball was Toriyama’s first show ever. With its extraordinary fights, crazy chase along astounding characters, Toriyama did make a big score on his first attempt. Earlier Toriyama was believed to be working in an advertising agency, designing posters for three years old. Although his world turned upside down with just one big amateur manga work that turned out to be the best one we all have ever laid our eyes upon.  Can you believe his luck!


Ultra Instinct Proves Super Saiyans Are Useless

Dragon Ball featured in the daily magazine called, ‘Daly Adult Jump’ which targeted mature adults on topics like investment, tax, mutual funds, etc but there is also a lot of nudity and violence in it and Goku is always naked and was only allotted his iconic orange G.I. for the international market.

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