Every Z Fighter’s Strongest Technique in Dragon Ball

Z Fighter’s Technique in Dragon Ball:

Goku and the Z Warriors are some of the most seasoned veterans in the history of Dragon Ball. Over time, they have developed their abilities and some of their techniques truly stand a class apart.

 1. Goku – Spirit Bomb

Z Fighter’s Technique in Dragon Ball

Alright we know there is Ultra Instinct but come on, can we oppose the Spirit Bomb’s right to the Throne of Goku’s Strongest Attack? Ultra Instinct has just arrived while Spirit Bomb has been there for so long. Goku’s signature technique – the Kamehameha attack is a mere shadow in comparison to the Spirit Bomb technique. Goku traveled to the end of Snake’s Way and discovered the ability after training under King Kai. Spirit Bomb is used as a last resort technique by Goku. While all of Goku’s techniques are dependent on his Ki, the Spirit Bomb technique is reliant on the life energy of sentient beings around Goku. The power of the Spirit Bomb depends on its sources and the strength of the user. The longer Goku waits to load up life energy into the Spirit Bomb, the stronger and more potent it gets. The Spirit Bomb is Goku’s most powerful technique ever. Period.

 2. Vegeta – Final Explosion

We have seen Vegeta use two of his most prominent attacks in battle – the Final Flash and the Galick Gun. Both offensive attacks have incredible destructive force. But they pale in comparison to the one technique that Vegeta has used only twice in the series. The attack is so powerful that the incredibly strong Vegeta could not survive the first time he used it. The Final Explosion attack is the last resort method. It puts a massive strain on Vegeta’s body. Vegeta would pump up all the leftover Ki in his body (which is A LOT), and then release it all in one final explosion. The body of Vegeta could not survive the ordeal the first time he used it against Majin Buu. Vegeta figured out how to use the attack without killing himself in the Tournament of Power. He did it while he was in his Super Saiyan Blue form, fighting Top.

 3. Krillin – Destructo Disc

Krillin has been wronged in Dragon Ball ever since Dragon Ball Z hit the small screens. One of the original characters dating back to the original Dragon Ball series, Krillin has been an ally to Goku through thick and thin. He is not a pushover like how he is portrayed right now in the current iteration of Dragon Ball. His greatest technique – the Destructo Disc, proves it. Krillin’s Destructo Disc has sufficient force to cut a mountain into two. Krillin developed the technique even further as Dragon Ball progressed developing the power to not create one but three multiple discs that can be controlled and manipulated by Krillin from a distance, each disc having the same cutting force as the original one disc.

 4. Piccolo – Special Beam Cannon

Piccolo is known for his brutish strength. His fighting technique relies on explosive use of force and Ki Blasts. He seldom lets his enemy take a breather, overwhelming them with blows and strikes, and finish the fight in a short while. But sometimes, even Piccolo’s strength is not enough. And for times like those, the one attack that comes really in handy is Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon. Piccolo lifts two of his fingers to his forehead and charges up his Ki right on the two fingertips. The Special Beam Cannon is fired when Piccolo points the two charged fingers at an opponent and releases the stored up Ki. The attack is powerful enough to rip through multiple buildings of concrete. Piccolo used this technique to take down the Universe 6 Namekians, who had the power of the entire Namekian Race of their universe.

 5. Gohan – Ultimate Kamehameha

Z Fighter’s Technique in Dragon Ball

Gohan only recently shot back to fame during the Tournament of Power arc. Gohan was created by Akira Toriyama to replace Goku in the future of Dragon Ball. So he had to have some potential in him. While Gohan replacing Goku in the future remains but a distant dream, his rise back to power is no longer just a pipe dream. Gohan unleashed his Ultimate Form after unlocking his hidden powers during his training before the Tournament of Power. One of Gohan’s greatest techniques is the Super Kamehameha. Gohan combined the Super Kamehameha technique with his Ultimate Form to create the Ultimate Kamehameha. The color of Super Kamehameha changes to golden yellow when he uses this technique. Gohan used this attack while he was battling Buu. It also was effective in defeating the Namekians of Universe6 and Obni of Universe 10.

 6. Goten – Super Goten Strike

The name might sound very cheesy but we assure you the attack is even cheesier. Super Goten Strike is arguably the most powerful technique in Goten’s arsenal because of its capability for destruction. Goten raises both his hands in the air. He uses his Ki to charge both his hands. White Explosive Energy wraps his hands and forms a massive sphere. The sphere can then be hurled towards the enemy with a huge force that is enough to destroy half of a city. Goten managed to develop this technique after using a weaker version of the attack against Trunks in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. Goten used this technique again in Dragon Ball GT, where he is seen using this technique to great effect against the evil Baby.

 7. Future Trunks – Sword of Hope

Z Fighter’s Technique in Dragon Ball

Future Trunks wowed the fans when he first made an appearance in Dragon Ball Z. Another version of the character appeared in Dragon Ball Super. This version of Future Trunks was even more powerful and had a lot more abilities. While fighting Zamasu and Goku Black, Future Trunks entered the Super Saiyan Rage Mode. Then he used an ability which was very similar to Goku’s Spirit Bomb Absorption ability. By absorbing the life energy of all sentient beings around him, Future Trunks channeled all that life energy into the hilt of his sword, creating the potent Sword of Hope. This weapon was what ultimately defeated Fused Zamasu and ended his reign of terror.

 8. Chiaotzu – Self Destruct

Chiaotzu is the weakest member of the Z Warriors faction. He has also been the subject of abject ridicule by Dragon Ball Fans. Chiaotzu was the second Z Warrior to be killed when Vegeta and Nappa landed on Earth and fought the Z Fighters of the planet. Chiaotzu revealed his most powerful attack when he was battling Nappa. By latching onto Nappa’s back, Chiaotzu initiated a suicide attack called Self Destruct. Chiaotzu blew himself to take Nappa down with him. The attack gave Nappa nothing but a case of a bad second-degree burn. Even after sacrificing his life to take down an enemy, Chiaotzu could not make a dent.

 9. Master Roshi – Evil Containment Wave

Master Roshi has many techniques under his belt. He has his MAX Form and his MAX power Kamehameha. His MAX power Kamehahemha is strong enough to destroy the moon. But it is his mystical ability of Evil Containment Wave that truly takes the cake here. The ability allows Roshi the power to ensnare any enemy, no matter how strong he or she is. Roshi can use this technique on anyone. He once almost trapped Vegeta, who had attained the power of Super Saiyan Blue – the next level of the Super Saiyan God transformation. Garlic Junior has used this on Kami.

10. Yamcha – Wolf Fang Fist

Yamcha is the most criminally underrated Z Warrior in the Dragon Ball Universe. He has been so dumbed down that Yamcha has become somewhat of a running gag in the anime industry. Yamcha’s signature technique is the Wolf Fang Fist. The Wolf Fang Fist technique allows Yamcha to generate Ki and empower his physical form with it. The attack involves a lot of clawing and punching. The movements for the strike mimic that of a wolf. Wolf Fang Fist invented the technique after discovering that he can use his Ki to empower his physical strikes and make them more effective. No one other than Yamcha knows how to use this ability.

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