Reasons That Will Convince You Why Dragon Ball Is The Best Anime Ever

Why Dragon Ball Is The Best Anime?

The success of the Dragon Ball franchise has been nothing short of a miracle. The show has an unmatched legacy and a groundbreaking record. There are tons of Anime out there, but none has been so relevant, even after three decades. Many anime creators have admitted that their shows have been inspired from Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, like One-piece, Naruto, etc. After dominating the Japanese pop culture, it went on to achieve worldwide acclaim too. And in the modern era, it’s unlikely for any anime, existing or yet to come, to match Dragon Ball‘s achievements.

The moral lessons it teaches us along the way

The unpredictable storyline of Dragon Ball has so much to offer and that’s what has kept it so relevant for the past 30 years. You can easily see this show and have a feeling of satisfaction within you. It teaches you to never give up on your dreams and goals, to protect the world with your kindness, and about forgiveness. What better than an entertaining show with moral values!

Simple yet powerful transformations

The transformations that take characters from one state to another and change their hair, eyes, clothes, skin, and aura, and so on are largely a thing thanks to the success of the Super Saiyan transformation. We all felt something epic after seeing Goku transform for the first time.

Fighting choreography

Dragon Ball Evolution was the first of many to have its own live-action movie. You know your series is very popular if they made a live-action movie out of it. The speed at which these fighting scenes take place is pure class. Especially in DBZ, the fighting spirits of the characters were so mesmerizing and a treat to watch.

Feeling of nostalgia attached to it

As a kid of the 90s, I can fully agree that for me DBZ and Pokémon are the start of the feeling of belongingness to the anime community. Whenever I watch Dragon Ball, I automatically transform into a 10-year-old, whose main attraction in life was watching DBZ after coming from school and completing homework in the evening.

You can watch it anytime, no matter your mood

No matter which mood or state of mind you are in, you can always go back to your Dragon Ball favorite episode(s) and enjoy it. The show has such a powerful aura attached to it, that people of any age group can enjoy its fighting, emotional and unpredictable scenes.

Opened gateway for Japanese cartoon artists in the world

It has attracted fans that didn’t know or watched anime. For many people, Dragon Ball is the only anime they watch, as it’s so long and the most influential one. You cannot deny that it has had the biggest impact on the anime community. It helped popularize anime and spread it to the western world. If it hadn’t been for Dragon Ball Z, many of the best anime series nowadays wouldn’t have been so famous worldwide.

Gave us some of the best villains

DB has produced some of the most iconic villains of anime. Villains have always been special to us. Be it Joker, Thanos, or anime villains like Frieza, Vegeta, Black Goku, etc. DB villains range from humorous to terrifying and have always left a lasting impression on us. I love Majin Buu for being so unapologetically badass and cool. These bad guys function as entertainment for the show. They have helped Goku in his character development a lot, both as a Saiyan and a fighter. Dragon Ball is known for its episodes long battle, which was only possible because it had such powerful and entertaining villains in it.

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