Justice League: 10 Questions The Snyder Cut Left Unanswered

Some of these are kind of surprising and leave several plots unanswered.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League has given rise to a much more complete and superior film than the one released in 2017. It also allows the director to establish and fully manifest narrative origin stories for what he had planned to do with the other DC heroes. But by then, numerous unanswered questions were originating from Snyder’s unfulfilled plans from previous DC Extended Universe movies. Unfortunately, there are still a few of these left in the wake of the release of the so-called “Snyder Cut.” Many of these were questions already present in the theatrical version, while the added content raises some new additional questions. Here are 10 various unanswered questions, which were left unanswered in Justice League Snyder’s Cut.

Why Do Atlanteans Make Air Pockets?

Aquaman Justice League Easter Egg
Justice League Questions Left Unanswered

In both the Justice League movies, we witnessed Mera and Vulko creating air pockets to speak underwater. This plot to date has remained unanswered. Atlanteans have been known to communicate perfectly underwater, so why create the air pocket.

How Will Superman Make A Comeback?

The only thing that has changed in the appearance of the ‘Man of Steel’ is the uniform. His comeback in justice League Snyder Cut, showcases his wearing a black suit. Which according to the comic narrative is the suit which Superman dons, which helps him to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight. However, there is still a massive gap in the character’s status.

Where Is The Green Lantern?

Justice League Questions Left Unanswered
Justice League Questions Left Unanswered

The entire Snyder Cut did not witness the arrival of the current Green Lantern. We are however showed the past and future versions of some other known Green Lanterns, but nowhere was the present one visible. So, chances are we may finally witness another Snyder Cut version of the DCEU movie.

Did Darkseid Forget About Earth?

Darkseid was shown invading the earth in the past but was drawn back by that time earth’s forces. But, post that incident Darkseid decided to capture the other planets, keeping Earth as the final straw to draw. But, somewhere in the narrative, it felt like somehow Darkseid had completely forgotten about the planet, which was kind of surprising for a guy as egoistical as Darkseid. To forget that he and his forces were defeated by the defenders of the earth until there is some other reasonable explanation to this.

What Transpired Between Darkseid And Steppenwolf?

Justice League Questions Left Unanswered

The movie revolves around the plot of Steppenwolf no longer being with the rest of the new gods but stops miles away from going into details. DeSaad reveals that Steppenwolf had once betrayed and abandoned Darkseid and the New Gods. And that his attempt of conquering planet earth was his attempt to redeem himself back to his former glory besides Darkseid. Furthermore, why would Steppenwolf go back to Darkseid, after conquering the planet which successfully had defended itself against Darkseid in the past?

How Does Batman Know Mera?

In the Knightmare sequence, we witness Batman in a distant future, teaming up with Flash, Cyborg, Deathstroke, and Mera. We understand his meetup with the first 3 somewhere in the distant past, but when did he rendezvous with Mera for a team up with her in a battle against the evil forces. This sequence is shown off more like a bad dream something similar to what was shown in Dawn of Justice.

Is Lois Expecting?

A scene in Justice League Snyder’s Cut hovers over Lois Lane’s room and in the background a pregnancy test is visible. There are several hints in these particular series of sequences that point towards, Lois Lane having Kalel’s baby. In March 2021 the director also confirmed that Lois is pregnant in the movie.

Why Was Martian Manhunter In Hiding For So Long?

Martian Manhunter WB

In the movie, we witnessed towards the end, that Martian Manhunter after visiting Lois Lane is seen going to Bruce Wayne to offer his service for any future situations. What is surprising is that J’onn J’onzz aka Martian Manhunter waited to the end of the entire 2 movies to make himself available for defending the earth. If we were to follow the comic narrative Martian Manhunter is one of the powerful members of the Justice League. His powers include superhuman strength, flight, heat vision, shape-shifting, molecular displacement, and telepathy.

What Is Lex’s Plan?

In the movie, Lex is heard revealing to Deathstroke, Batman’s secret identity. The scene ends and the Knightmare sequence begins. This profaning revelation by Lex has left fans in a massive dilemma.

Why Did Batman Need Joker?

Justice League Questions Left Unanswered
Justice League Questions Left Unanswered

In the Knightmare sequence, we witness Batman, forming a rebel with Flash, Deathstroke, Mera, Cyborg, and his arch-nemesis the Joker. Joker is seen taunting Batman about undoing the world that Batman has created.

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