Marvel Has Regained The Rights To At Least One of Netflix’s Defenders

It’s about time that we start talking about the Marvel Netflix characters. They are obviously not a part of the core MCU even though they subtly pretended to be. A couple of years ago, people were really bummed about the cancellation of the Marvel Netflix shows. It started with Iron Fist and went on until Jessica Jones. Disney was coming up with their own streaming service that would have directly competed with Netflix, so they canceled all the shows which would have promoted the Marvel brand which was formally owned by Disney.

Marvel Regained Rights of One of Netflix’s Defenders

Rumors suggest that Disney/Marvel also raised the licensing fee for Netflix to be able to use the Defenders and the Punisher. With the dropping viewership upon almost all the shows, the continuously rising licensing fee, and the competition coming from Disney+, all the Marvel shows became non profitable entities. That is why they had to cancel something as breathtaking as Daredevil after launching its best season on the streamer. But anyway, we should now let the bygones be bygones and look at what the future holds.

Netflix & Marvel had a deal that from the moment a Marvel property gets cancelled on Netflix, there will be a 2 year long stipulation period. Meaning, Marvel cannot develop or even plan projects with the Marvel Netflix characters for the next 2 years after their cancellation. And now, we’re gladly reporting that Iron Fist’s 2 year stipulation period is over.

Marvel Netflix Shows
Marvel Netflix Shows

Netflix cancelled Iron Fist after its second season on October 12, 2018. So, Marvel must have regained the rights to use the character in the MCU from October 12, 2020. We’re not aware if they actually have the rights to actually pick up the story of Iron Fist from where it was left. But, even if they do have the rights to do that, we highly doubt that they will do it. You see, Kevin Feige mostly likes to do his own thing. He has never acknowledged any of the Marvel TV shows (besides Agent Carter maybe), and the show that could come the closest to connect with the MCU is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..

As for the Netflix shows, we don’t think that Marvel will pick up any of their stories from where they were left. There are several reasons for that. The first is that Netflix will probably not allow that. The second is that besides Iron Fist and The Defenders, all those shows had an 18+ rating. So, if Marvel green lights a season 3 for let’s say Iron Fist or Luke Cage, they will have to do it upon Hulu as Disney+ will not get any R-Rated content. And by doing that, they will also be promoting the viewership for the previous seasons of Luke Cage and Iron Fist on Netflix in hindsight. So, an Iron Fist season 3 will be next to impossible. At most, Marvel could just use the Multiverse to show us that the Marvel Netflix shows exist in a different universe.

Since Shang-Chi is currently filming and Iron Fist is open for use now, Marvel could actually cook up a story quickly (if they didn’t already do it secretly) and add a cameo of Danny Rand somewhere in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. That cameo will set up a cool Shang-Chi & Iron Fist team up in Shang-Chi 2. Or, it could open the doorway for Iron Fist to be used in some other Phase 4 or Phase 5 project. We’re certain that Iron Fist will get a good comic accurate suit, and Finn Jones won’t be back to reprise the character. The only actors who may have a chance to reprise their Marvel Netflix roles are Charlie Coxx and Jon Bernthal.

If you’re thinking about when the other characters will be available for Marvel to use, then we’ll solve that dilemma as well. Luke Cage will be available on October 19, 2020 as his show was cancelled on October 19, 2018. Daredevil will be available on November 29, 2020. And the likes of Punisher & Jessica Jones will be available sometime in mid-2021 since their new seasons arrived until mid-2019.

Which Marvel Netflix character are you most excited to see in the MCU? Tell us in the comments down below.

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