5 Major Instances Where The Hulk Desperately Needed Rescuing

The Hulk has always been perceived as an uncontrollable monster that wrecks up everything that comes to his ways. Throughout his entire existence in the comic book world, Hulk has evolved as the one unstoppable machine, with writers giving extra powers turning him into a Frankenstein monster. Whether it’s his limitless strength or super healing power, Hulk is not that invincible as he seems because it’s easy for his rogues to attack Dr. Bruce Banner rather than his alter ego. The world knows his prominence in the Marvel Universe. Check out five times Hulk needed rescuing.

 1. The Totally Awesome Hulk Vol. 1 #4 (2015)

This time Hulk comes in contact with Kiber fusion radiation, which makes him a walking element of mass destruction. Even though he save millions of lives, but it was feared that he would cause a huge devastation. But then Amadeus Cho, one of the successors of Bruce Banner, appears in a suit that absorbs the radiation.

2. The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #328 (1990)

There have been several occasions where Spider-Man and The Hulk faced off each other for obvious reasons, following storylines. In this one, Spider-Man possesses the powers of Captain Universe, making him invincible than before. During a fight with Hulk, Spidey punches him so hard, he sends him into space. But scared that he may have killed him, he follows him and brings back the giant to the earth.

3. The Incredible Hulk Vol 1. #323 (1986)

The Incredible Hulk is one of the most successful series, where Dr. Bruce Banner is separated from Hulk by Doc Samson, which follows a fight with East and West Coast Avengers. Later, it turns out that Banner and Hulk were losing molecules from each other. Ultimately, they were healed in a hospital.

4. The Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 #250 (1980)


The cosmic being, Silver Surfer, and The Hulk have long been associated with each other. During the time spent in the Defenders, Galactus forms an invisible barrier, which makes him earth-bound on the planet. As he takes help from Bruce Banner, who is healed through gamma-radiation, he turns into his alter ego Hulk. But then he turns out to be a bane for Surfer, with Surfer emptying the radiation from his body.

5. The Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #32 (2001)

the hulk

Thanks to Ant-Man for his ability to shrink himself into a smaller being. And this time, Hulk suffers from a neurological disease. Ant-Man enters into his body through an Adamantium needle. He fights off antibodies and helps restore Banner’s DNA.

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