Why Charlotte Was Delusional And Probably The Worst Character of Sex And The City

Sex And The City was about four independent women in New York City who were finding love, career, and relationship solutions to survive, which is basically what everyone is looking for! But what made SATC different and interesting was the fact that it was completely women-centric and probably the first show that showed sex and relationship problems from a female point of view and didn’t sugar-coat it. But out of the four leads, Charlotte was really prude and believed in unhealthy myths. Check out why Charlotte is the Worst character of Sex And The City!

Anti-Feminist Character

Charlotte’s whole life revolved around how others, especially men perceive her if she does anything that is too strong or bold. Her ideologies were anti-feminist and were directed by patriarchy, which resulted in many discrepancies. She believes that women need a man to “rescue” them.

Her Obsession With Marriage

Charlotte believed in old- school romance, which is a good thing, but her idea of being complete and content only when you find a man is not. Women need to break the myth of being incomplete and useless without marriage. They can always be content and happy with their jobs, friendships, and affairs! She is dependent and helpless. Her main and only goal in life is to marry rich. She waits to live her life fully for a man to make her feel alive.


Her constant judgment annoys us so much. She judges Samantha for being “too bold” and slut-shames her. She judges Miranda for being “too independent” and Carrie for being “too confused” in love! Honestly, we think Charlotte needed to control her judgment about others and really be a friend sometimes.

Too Much Into Looks

Charlotte’s idea of a perfect man is derived from good looks and money. She prioritizes appearance over everything and that’s why she married Trey, the perfect man of her dreams, but even that didn’t work out. Also, before marrying Harry and realizing her love for him, she constantly judges him over his looks and initially she didn’t even want to be seen publicly with him.


She refuses to give Carrie a loan when she needed it and tells her, “You are a 35-year-old woman. You have to learn to stand on your own,” which is ironic, considering Charlotte herself was living off of the million-dollar settlement from her divorce at the time. Her prude and conservative nature was irritating.

Sacrificing self-hood

Charlotte Worst Character of Sex And The City

She quits her job after Trey suggests her to be a housewife after marriage and she happily agrees to it. Her beliefs were questionable and according to her, women needs to sacrifice her life after marriage and children, that’s the ultimate rule.

Uses Manipulation To Get Men To Like Her

There are so many self-imposed rules about dating and men that are fundamentally wrong, but Charlotte teaches them to everyone. For instance, phrases like “acting hard to get”, “not sleeping with a guy too early” or else no man will want to marry you. These myths are still believed by women, but we need to get out of this bubble of myths ASAP. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dating and love, and she needs to understand that. Samantha, Miranda, and Carrie all found love at some point without following these “rules”.


Charlotte Worst Character of Sex And The City
Charlotte Worst Character of Sex And The City

When she met Harry Goldenblatt and started a secret relationship with him, she was pretty hard on him. She admitted that she couldn’t date him because he was “not very attractive.” She even told Harry, that she was better looking than him, and thus he should be the one proposing to her and made him feel ashamed about his looks.

Her Whining

Charlotte Worst Character of Sex And The City

Her constant complaining about her lack of a love life or her ability to get pregnant or her loss of a husband gets on your nerve. She’s rich and has a beautiful apartment that she didn’t even pay for, and friends who love her despite her being judgemental, and yet, things are never good enough for Charlotte York.

Repeats Her Mistakes

Charlotte Worst Character of Sex And The City
Charlotte Worst Character of Sex And The City

Charlotte really complains a lot in the show but never does anything to alter or fix her problems. She repeatedly made mistakes of manipulating guys into dating or marrying her, although she complained about that too.

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