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  • HollywoodCharlotte Worst Character of Sex And The City

    Why Charlotte Was Delusional And Probably The Worst Character of Sex And The City

    Sex And The City was about four independent women in New York City who were finding love, career, and relationship solutions to survive, which is basically what everyone is looking for! But what made SATC different and interesting was the fact that it was completely women-centric and probably the first show that showed sex and relationship problems from a female…

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  • CelebsActors Not Famous Anymore

    10 Hollywood Actors Who Are Not Famous Anymore

    Popularity can be really empowering, but at the same time, it’s so fragile and delicate that it’s broken or snatched away in no time. We all want to be popular and famous, but the consequences it holds are so brutal.  Popularity isn’t all that glory that we see and sometimes it isn’t that fulfilling too, but we all want to…

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    This Sex and the City Feud Will Make The Fast And The Furious Feud Look Like Baby Fight  

    At present, the Fast and the Furious feud between the cast members of the franchise is dominating tabloids headlines, but if you track the long-standing feud between Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker who is part of successful romantic comedy series Sex and the City and movies based on it, you will think of F&F as baby fight. So brace…

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  • NewsSex and the City carrie bradshaw

    10 Remarkable Quotes by Carrie Bradshaw

    Sex and the City are the romantic comedy series. It is about a group of four women, who share almost everything with each other. They are each other’s support system. Sex and the City has given some amazing quotes. Let’s have a look at 10 Remarkable Quotes by Carrie Bradshaw (who is actually the narrator). So, what do you think,…

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  • NewsCharlotte Sex and the city

    Top 9 incredible Quotes by Charlotte: Sex and the city

    Charlotte is severely optimistic. This didn’t stop her from being restless at times. She is someone who is often little worried about how things would eventually go.  When it comes to her friends, she is very supportive. She is this sweet little girl, who no doubt is very pretty and sweet. She is also bit orthodox when it comes to…

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  • 10 Most Miraculous Quotes of Miranda from Sex and the City

    Sex and the City is distinctly one of the best-written comedies. The troubles of Carrie Bradshaw and her gang is entrancing. This series gave all of us a lot of insight into the female facet of a relationship. It is quite complicated to know what they think or feel, but this TV series might give you some clue. Here we…

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