10 Remarkable Quotes by Carrie Bradshaw

Sex and the City are the romantic comedy series. It is about a group of four women, who share almost everything with each other. They are each other’s support system. Sex and the City has given some amazing quotes. Let’s have a look at 10 Remarkable Quotes by Carrie Bradshaw (who is actually the narrator).


So, what do you think, is that really true? Are all men really are a drug? If yes, then choose your drug wisely.


Make sure you are not emotionally slutty. It’s not helpful.


So, what are your plan? You gonna screw it up or make the best out of the chance given to you?


Appreciating what you have is really important. One needs to understand the importance of what one has. Because if you can’t appreciate what you have, you will never achieve anything better.


If you are single and happy, then life is sorted. All that is important is that you should be happy about your status. Be it single or committed. Take your own sweet time to decide what you want from life.


So many things happen in this single life. All that you need to do is take charge of your life. You have your own limitations and that is perfectly fine. If you had made any mistakes, then learn from them. Because at the end of the day, what matters is how you came out of a situation.


If you’re a woman, it doesn’t mean that you need to change to please someone. Stay same, you will find someone who is as crazy as you are.


Well, one makes lots of mistakes. One should try to take charge of their emotions before it gets too late.9


Stop listening to the shit that people have to say. You need to be confident about who you are. Accept yourself and that is really important.


Relax. No one is perfect. If he loves you, he will accept you the way you are. Don’t be scared, just express yourself.

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