MCU’s Secret Invasion Show Casts A Key X-Men Related Skrull

The Marvel Cinematic Universe remains in its ever-expanding self with the numerous upcoming projects that are scheduled in the next few years. This expansion has been working on the basis of both the movies and the shows that are set in the universe. The shows that are coming out would actually be a part of the narrative of the various characters that we have witnessed over the years. At the same time, some of the shows will introduce us to newer characters who will actually play a major role in the future of the MCU. Some of these projects are rather interesting but Marvel is ensuring the secrecy behind these projects by keeping the details under wraps. Fans have been using the casting details as a means of trying to have a grasp on the narrative of the project. The Secret Invasion show has recently added in Killian Scott as a Skrull and it seems that the character might have links to X-Men.

The Secret Invasion Show

This series has actually got one of the most interesting narratives and it will definitely build upon various narratives that have been left over by past films. This spy espionage series is shrouded with more mystery than any of the other upcoming projects that are coming from the studio. The series will see Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Ben Mendehlson’s Skrull Talos return and team up as they had last done in Captain Marvel. One of the primary narratives of the movie will be around the idea of the Skrulls taking over Earth using their shape-shifting capabilities.


Secret Invasion Show

Disguising themselves in majorly different people will be a primary means of doing this invasion that will play a major part in the narrative of the series. The series will see several new faces that include Emilia Clarke, Olivia Colman, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Christopher McDonald, and Killian Scott. There is no information regarding what characters this massive cast of actors will be playing in the series. Considering the plot will be majorly around the Skrulls we can imagine that most of them will be playing the shape-shifting aliens. While we have gotten some insight regarding a few characters from time to time but a new piece of information might show that one of the Skrulls will have some link to X-Men.


Who Is Killian Scott Playing In Secret Invasion?

According to The Direct, the actor Killian Scott will be playing Skrull in the series. But further details from the source also revealed that the character will be named Fiz and this character has had comedic links to Professor X and the X-Men in the Marvel comics. In the comics, Fiz is a mutant Skrull who has the capability of reducing and increasing his size other than having the usual shape-shifting capabilities of the alien race.


After he is exiled from the Skrull Empire based on his Mutant abilities, Fiz goes to Earth where he meets Charles Xavier. He was trained by Charles Xavier and returned to space over the period and was actually one of the major helps to the X-Men during the fight with Apocalypse. He later returned to the depths of the space with the rest of the other Mutant Skrulls who had also been exiled.


Secret Invasion Show

Marvel has often taken liberties with its characters during their adaptations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and this clearly indicates that Fiz’s story will also take some liberties from the Marvel Comics narrative. There could be a chance that these powers are kept intact as a means of avoiding the links with X-Men as we go through the series for the time being.


We have been wondering when the X-Men will actually get their debut in the MCU considering we can be sure MCU won’t pop them in quite randomly. Fiz could be one of the Skrulls who becomes an ally to the humans even though past reports suggested that he will play a key role in the invasion. The shooting for the show is already underway and we can expect the series to premiere sometime around 2022 on Disney+.

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