Godzilla vs. Kong Theory – Mothra Will End The Fight of the Titans

WB is betting big on Godzilla vs. Kong. They certainly think that the battle between Godzilla & Kong could be much bigger than Batman V Superman. They have taken every measure for Godzilla & Kong to perform well. When Godzilla: King of the Monsters didn’t do well at the Box Office, WB delayed the next film in the Monsterverse to possibly fix it. Godzilla vs. Kong was pushed from March to November 2020. But COVID-19 has caused the film to be delayed even further. It has now taken Matrix 4’s previous summer date of May 21, 2021.

Godzilla vs. Kong Theory – Mothra Will End The Fight of the Titans

WB doesn’t want anything to come in the way of Godzilla vs. Kong. But we’ve got a new theory from Screen Rant which suggests that it will be Mothra who will come in the way of the two Titans, and stop them from fighting each other. But you might be confused thinking that how exactly will she be the reason for Gozilla & Kong to stop fighting when she is dead. Well, let me break the ice for you. Mothra’s death is like any character from the Marvel & DC comics. It is never permanent.

Mothra has always been among the good Titans in every one of her previous interpretations. She has always been the one to defend Earth. And that was consistent with her Monsterverse appearance as well. She helped Godzilla defeat Ghidorah. She sacrificed herself for the greater good of Earth. But that didn’t happen before she laid an egg. It was confirmed by the credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters that Mothra left an egg behind. And then there was a deleted scene which further made it clear that Mothra will return.

See the thing with Mothra laying an egg is that it doesn’t give life to a typical offspring, but Mothra herself. It is a means of continuing Mothra’s endless cycle of life and immortality. Once Mothra dies, her consciousness and memories transfer to the offspring, which further continues the cycle of hatching, going into her cocoon for Metamorphosis until Mothra once again emerges after Twin fairies sing to her. And then she lays and egg and dies, restarting the cycle all over. Screen Rant has suggested that Dr. Chen, and her twin sister (both played by Zhang Ziyi) from the previous Godzilla movie will act as the “twin fairies” of the Monsterverse, and help in speeding up the process to bring Mothra back to life.

It has been theorized that both Godzilla & Kong will be the protagonists in the story. Sure, they will fight against each other, but that will be temporary. We still don’t know why they will take each other on. It could be because both of them think that their opponent will destroy Earth. Or it could be a territorial dispute (over Skull Island), or a simple battle to determine who is the Alpha monster. Either way, it is possible that we’d see them teaming up with each other to take down the real villain of the movie, the Mechagodzilla (a man-made robotic counterpart of Godzilla).


Previous theories have suggested that Monarch will come up with the Monster killer, Mechagodzilla to take down all Titans. Since the Titans have been a danger to the people of Earth, the notion behind Mechagodzilla will be that it is a weapon that will be used to wipe out Godzilla and all other Titans from existence.

Godzilla vs. Kong Theory – Mothra Will End The Fight of the Titans

So, when Godzilla (Superman) & Kong (Batman) will be fighting each other, it is Mothra (Lois, Martha & Wonder Woman combined) who might show up to stop the two from fighting. That’s because she’d realize that those two monsters fighting each other won’t bring any good. Hence, she’d stop them to possibly point them towards the threat of Mechagodzilla (Doomsday). Together, these three Titans will then team up to take down Mechagodzilla. But the only difference between Batman V Superman and Godzilla vs. Kong will be that Godzilla (Superman) won’t die because that has already happened in King of the Monsters.

(What next? Zack Snyder’s League of Monsters? How amazing would that be?) What do you think about this theory? Tell us in the comments down below.

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