Captain America 4 Villain: How Marvel Has Been Secretly Building Up The Leader

Marvel announced that Tim Blake Nelson would return in Captain America: New World Order as its main villain, the Leader. We initially presumed that he’d be the villain of the Thunderbolts movie. But he has been chosen for Captain America 4 instead. But anyway, Marvel has been planting seeds for his return since Captain America: Civil War. Here’s how they’ve been setting up the Leader as Captain America 4 villain:

He Hired Crossbones 

Crossbones was after a bioweapon back in Civil War, and the one who hired him had always been a mystery. We initially presumed that somehow, the AI Zola could have survived and would return in his comic accurate robotic form later on. But now it is clear that the Leader was the one who wanted that Bio-weapon. With his knowledge, he has the means to weaponize it.


Was Probably After Pym’s Lab

Captain America 4 Villain

Sonny Burch also had a secret benefactor who hired him to steal Hank Pym’s lab. This benefactor could either be the Leader or Darren Cross, who is set to return as MODOK in Quantumania.

Working with the Power Broker

Sharon Carter, aka the Power Broker, was working on getting her hands on the Super Soldier serum to sell it off. And after being reinstated in the CIA, she called someone. This someone could be Samuel Sterns, aka the Leader.


Wants She-Hulk’s Blood

A mystery persona recently hired the Wrecking Crew to extract She-Hulk’s blood. So, this could be yet another ploy of the Leader, who probably wants to create his own super soldier army.

Where else do you think the Leader could have been involved? How will he set up the New World Order? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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