All Avengers Who Are Alive And Will Return in What If Zombies 2

The fifth episode for What If…? was an absolute treat. It covered most of the bases for the zombie movie that we could be covered for a 30-minute episode. We got to the sides of the character we could expect to see based on the circumstances. This was one of the most exciting ideas that fans had in mind ever since the concept of the show came out. And everything about the movie was worth it. The very idea that no one is safe and at the same time who will die was well explored in the movie. The other thing is the absolute craziness of the episode in terms of violence that most zombie movies consist of gave it a bit more authenticity. Let’s take a look at all Avengers who are alive and will possibly return if there is a possible sequel to the What If…? episode.

All Avengers Who Are Alive and Could Be Back

Scott Lang

Scott Lang was one of the characters who were present during the very first spread of the virus as he was there with Hope trying to bring back Hank Pym from the Quantum Realm. He was assumed to be dead based on the very idea of what we saw happen to him as he was jumped upon. The twist came up later as we saw Vision was able to save him or a part of him. We see him from his neck up alive and not behaving a bit zombie-like and responding to the rest of the Avengers. He does end up being the comic highlight as he keeps dropping puns based on his circumstance. He has potentially survived the apocalypse and will be a key character in order to find a solution for the virus.


Black Panther

T’Challa survival comes as a big twist since Okoye almost gave up looking for him. He is actually found being captured by Vision. The latter used him as food for the zombified Wanda. This gave us the absolute mayhem Wanda and Vision can cause for the sake of the other. Since T’Challa survives he is taking them to Wakanda. There they can work out how to use the mind stone and save the world. He can also get a solution for his injury as he has lost a foot due to the torture.



All Avengers Who Are Alive

We got to see the fun version of Spider-Man even though he was not voiced by Tom Holland. He is the only character to have made it to the end without a single scratch on his body. We see him making a guide to survival during the zombie apocalypse which explores the fun side of Peter Parker we have been used to. The more mature side makes its appearance as around the end we get to see him realizing that he has lost too many people and it surely seems he is gonna make sure that doesn’t continue to be the case. If there is a possible sequel to the episode we can surely expect Spider-Man to take the lead.



Bruce Banner has a hard time becoming Hulk similar to what we had previously seen in Avengers: Infinity War. He is saved by the very first survivors which include Hope and Spider-Man. We get a glance over the fact that he is not affected by the zombie bites in his human form either as the Hulk side protects him. He turns into Hulk right on time and goes into battle with Wanda. We aren’t shown anything regarding his survival but it’s very clear based on the hints that he definitely ended up surviving.



All Avengers Who Are Alive

Bucky is amongst the group of people who were surviving before Bruce comes in. He decided to stay back and battle Wanda around the end but the latter is too powerful to be hit by mere bullets. Wanda flips him off and we don’t get to see what happens to him after that. Bucky is a trained assassin and there’s a massive possibility that he survives this entire ordeal and ends up appearing as Captain Bucky.


Thor And Everyone Else Who Didn’t Appear

While we aren’t shown what was happening while Hulk was sent to Earth but we are aware that Thor ends up meeting with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Now since the virus originated on Earth there is very little chance that any of them were affected by the virus. They could end up playing essential characters in a possible sequel to the episode as they fight next to the Avengers against the hoard of zombies.

Let’s see which other non-zombified heroes would show up in the second part of What If…? Zombies.

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