Arrow Star David Ramsey Shocked DC Fans At Comic-Con

Recently at an event Wizard World Comic Con, New Orleans, Arrow Star David Ramsey aka John Diggle sat on a panel to ask some of the fan questions. One of the questions was if there is a possibility of Batman showing up in the show, as Superman came to Supergirl. To this, he replied “I think for sure Bruce Wayne. I would love to see these two guys at a table together just like ‘sup Bruce’, ‘sup Oliver’. You know what I mean? And duke it out, like no utility belt, no arrows, just hand to hand, man.”

He added “Listen, I would love, honestly? I would love for Ben to play Bruce Wayne. Yeah, have him on the show, why not join the universes? That would be dope, just like, how big would that be? Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen, Ben Affleck.”

It seems that he is just kidding as DC TV and Movie Universe is separate and when Superman came to the Supergirl TV show, it was Tyler Hoechlin, not Henry Cavill. But the bigger question is – Does Batman exist in the CW TV verse?

Arrow Star David Ramsey Shocked DC Fans At Comic-Con

Well, Arrow has used Ra’s Ahl Ghul who is Batman foe in comics. There have been multiple references to the character of Batman in the different seasons. In the Flash episode when Barry goes to Earth-2 to fight Zoom, at his home’s speed-dial we see various names are mentioned, one of the names is Bruce. In the Legends of Tomorrow, Captain Hunter says “I have seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall.” In Arrow, Felicity is given a code name Overwatch instead of Oracle as it’s supposedly taken. In fact, Supergirl said in one of the episodes “My cousin worked with a vigilante once – tons of gadgets, lots of demons.”

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