Shang-Chi Has Performed A Move That No Other Avenger Would Even Dare

Even though Shang-Chi has always been amongst the most essential heroes we have seen from the Marvel comics. It always had a limited fan base because of the culture around which his powers were based and his lack of popularity due to lack of appearance in live-action features. But now it seems the fan base is increasing and is reaching new heights as he just made his live-action appearance in a major Marvel Cinematic Universe project. This has established him in the MCU and also given us a proper look at the character outside of the comics. It seems that Shang-Chi has just made a major movie in the comics that is something we won’t generally see other Avengers make.


Shang-Chi is known as the Master of Kung-Fu in the Marvel world as he is well known as the single deadliest hand-to-hand combatant in the Marvel Universe. The character was introduced to the comics in the 70s’ and is majorly inspired by the persona of Bruce Lee. Stan Lee and the other people involved in the creator’s desks saw that Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu films had massive success with the audience. They decided to bring in their own character who also defends on his Martial Arts skills to fight enemies.


There have been times the character has also used magical powers and other types of superpowers based on certain circumstances. This has actually helped him take down massive foes. But one can clearly believe that the character who has trained Captain America and Spider-Man could certainly be a rather strong opponent in hand-to-hand combats. But it seems things have taken quite a massive turn in the moves this character can make in the comics. It appears to be that the character can actually do a lot more than block punches. 


Shang-Chi vs. the Marvel Universe

Shang-Chi vs. the Marvel Universe written by Gene Luen Yang with artwork done by Dike Ruan and colors by Tona Farrell showed us the character at his best. The series of comics was showcasing the difficulty that comes in maintaining allies when certain different groups appear to be in opposition. At a particular moment, we see him fighting Iron Man to a standstill as the latter is wielding his armor. But that’s not even close to what we are talking about as the hero does something that can be said to be inspired by Alan Moore’s Watchmen. This technique that the hero uses is doing the bullet catch.


Catching Bullets

The narrative basically follows Shang-Chi taking over the Five Weapons Society and then by succeeding his father he vows to turn the society into doing good for the world. He faces many opponents considering his family has always been at odds with him because of his intentions that are rather different from the traditions of the family. At the same time, some of his fellow Avengers continue to be suspicious of his true motivations as he took control of the Five Weapons Society.

As it happens to be that the Red Dot Collective meets with Shang-Chi in order to decide the sale of a very important item. This item is none other than the famous suitcase armor of Iron Man. Shang-Chi decides to hand over this collection to the authorities and then heads against them by himself. Heis able to take down two of the members quite easily but the third one of them comes out to be a bit more challenging than the others. He wields a prosthetic eye that also doubles as a gun and appears to shoot Shang-Chi in the head. But in a rather heroic turn it Shang-Chi reveals that he has caught the bullet in his teeth.


This is something that we saw the last time done by Watchmen hero Ozymandias. He was able to catch a bullet in his hand when he was attacked by Silk Spectre. Catching bullets is something that has always been associated with speed. Let’s hope we get to explore this in some future MCU projects as we have never seen something like this in MCU.  

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