Why Did Captain America Hide The Fact That Bucky Killed Howard Stark

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with some of the most well-written characters we can ever hope to appear in superhero movies. The motivations and thoughts that these characters go through play a very essential role in how the individual movies work out. Often these very decisions allow us to witness things done by a character and how it makes sense if at all it does make any sense. The writing that goes behind these movies has to be something that makes it worth the success that each movie has amongst both the fans and critics. But often some of the characters do end up having to do some things that put us in a position to judge them. Judging them might be crucial as these moments only make us realize that they are more than just any superhero story for some child. Let’s take a look at why Captain America hid the fact that Bucky killed Howard Stark and Maria Stark from Tony as seen in Captain America Civil War.

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War has a major role amongst the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It had some of the most essential moments in Phase 3 of the MCU. We got to see two of our most important heroes battle out with each other due to their difference in perspectives. According to the plot, Captain America and Iron Man get into an argument due to the Sokovia Accords. At the same time, Bucky Barnes appears and the two heroes have different plans for the fate of the Winter Soldier.


Bucky killed Howard Stark

Baron Zemo plays out his conniving plans and makes matters worse by making them fight against each other. His plans almost end up failing when Tony Stark discovers how Bucky was framed for the bombing at the UN hearing. The fight almost ends until Zemo uncovers his final matchstick to strike the fire between the two characters. He reveals one final piece of information that played a crucial role in the way MCU navigated and also as a very essential part of Iron Man’s history.

Zemo reveals the footage that shows how Iron Man’s parents died. The footage clearly shows how the Winter Soldier was responsible for the assassination of Howard and Maria Stark on December 16, 1991. Tony wasn’t aware of this news and he asks Cap he was or not. Steve confesses that he was aware of this fact beforehand as he had got a hint of it in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


Why Did Captain America Hide That Bucky killed Howard Stark?

This makes us wonder why Captain America who was very friendly with Iron Man for a long time didn’t share this important information with the latter. There is a chance that he did that in order to protect both of them. After all, Steve knew Bucky way better and he was aware that Bucky wasn’t in control of his actions during that particular moment. Bucky was having a hard time trying to get rid of his past and it was only getting more difficult with time to work on regarding control over himself. By not bringing up this information for the past Cap was clearly trying to help Bucky so that the latter doesn’t have to go through the painful process again.


But this reasoning is not actually very good when it comes to thinking that he didn’t let Tony know about it. There is a possibility that he took into consideration the emotional collapse Stark might have upon finding out what actually happened to his parents. We saw how out of control Stark got when he found out the information. If Steve had a chance to sit down with Stark and convey this information we might have seen a different repercussion from Stark. Steve could have clearly been able to explain how this was majorly something Hydra was doing and Bucky wasn’t responsible. This would have had a major impact on how things worked out between the two and how it impacted their friendship.


Bucky killed Howard Stark

We do understand why Steve might have not told Tony about these but it’s rather unclear why Marvel actually never clearly explored the reasoning behind this. We never got a chance to see Bucky and Tony actually clear their differences. It would have been rather great to see Bucky able to get rid of Stark’s name in the list of people he was trying to make amends with.


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