Black Panther Star Danai Gurira Wins The Best Action Star People’s Choice Award

We all know what a great actress Danai Gurira is and it seems like her tremendous role of Okoye, who was the head of Dora Milaje (Female Special Forces and bodyguards of T’Challa) in the movie Black Panther. She simply did an incredible job and for that, she received a lot of claps but is receiving some awards also. As Gurira has won the Best Action Star of 2018 at People’s Choice Awards 2018.

Black Panther Danai Gurira Wins The Best Action Star People’s Choice Award

Danai Gurira has beaten her fellow movie stars as Chadwick Boseman and Chris Hemsworth were also there in the nominations but it was her skills and tremendous acting which made her a step forward than the two. We all know that Chadwick Boseman did a quite fantastic job in the costume of Black Panther but it seems like T’Challa was a little bit sour in comparison to Gurira.

Black Panther Danai Gurira Wins The Best Action Star People’s Choice Award

On the other side, its Chris Hemsworth who has been simply tremendous int he movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and every time he came into the frame it makes look, villains of the movie very weak, also he was the one who didn’t aim for the head and maybe that’s the reason they didn’t give the award to Thor. Well, jokes apart I think the reason of giving the award to Gurira is that’s he doesn’t have special powers like Black Panther or Thor but she still managed to do a lot of damage to her enemies and that’s what a real action star do.

Black Panther Danai Gurira Wins The Best Action Star People’s Choice Award

Director the movie Ryan Coogler has explained it in the past that the reason of choosing Danai Gurira for the role of Okoye in the movie is that Coogler was very impressed with the acting skills of Gurira in the movie Mother of George which came back in 2013 and rather than her role in the popular television series ‘The Walking Dead’, where she played the role of Michonne.

Black Panther Danai Gurira Wins The Best Action Star People’s Choice Award

Also, if we talk about the look of the actress then we have to tell you that there are a lot of efforts made by the costume and makeup team of the movie and above all the patience and calmness Danai Gurira has shown during  the shooting of the movie is simply incredible as not many people out there knows that Gurira has to re-shaved her head every day in order to have a clean look and also because of the reason that she has those head tattoos in the movie which needs to inked again and again every day. The whole process takes a time of almost three to four hours.

Also, Danai Gurira has spoken about her experience of playing the role of Okoye as during the press tour of the movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, she has stated her views as that,

“I’m a researcher, so I did read comics, I loved how we – we weren’t – we were doing something different from what you see in the Christopher Priest version versus Mr. Coates’s version, which we tended to pull from more right through to the hair, the style of tattoos and no hair.


“Whereas the Mr. Priest’s version, we had the perfect little dark and lovely bobs. I really liked the way the way they played off the elements in how to make them a lot more developed, I think, than what they were in the original Christopher Priest version of the comic book. It was actually really interesting to see how the evolution of the story has come about. But of course, it’s really fascinating what Mr. Coates has been doing most recently.”

So, the actress has won the award and it’s a real success for Gurira as Black Panther received a great success in terms of collections also as the movie earned a tremendous sum of $1.347 Billion across the globe in a budget of only $210 million. The movie was the second highest grossing film worldwide.

So, do you think Gurira deserves to win the award? Or you have any other name in your mind for this award? Tell us in the comments section below.

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