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The Flash: 10 Comic Flashpoint Moments We Need To See In Live Action

The Flash is one of the most iconic characters in the DC comicverse. The speedster is legendary when it comes to recognition. There have been numerous tries to copy the iconic character but none can hold a candle to The Flash. Similarly, The Flashpoint Paradox is one of the most famous comic storylines and here we have 10 comic Flashpoint moments we need to see in the upcoming live-action Flash movie featuring Ezra Miller.

Cold Hero

Captain Cold is one of the most famous arch-nemesis of the Flash. He is a staple of the Rogue’s Gallery of the Scarlet Speedster. One of the most surprising moments in The Flashpoint Paradox was when this Rogue was revealed to be a hero for Central City in the alternate universe that Flash created. We were pretty surprised by this turn of events but then we were less surprised when it was revealed that he is still a criminal.


Dr. Batman

One of the most famous characters to come out of The Flashpoint Paradox was Thomas Wayne Batman. This character is based on the possibility that Thomas and Martha Wayne lost Bruce instead of losing their lives. This made Thomas pursue a life of vengeance to the extent that he even started using guns. One of the more brutal Batman to ever grace the silver screen, even in animated form.


The Murder Of Steve Trevor

Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox

Steve and Diana have the kind of love that is immortalized through hundreds of comic storylines. But one of the most brutal moments in Flashpoint is when these characters come face to face. The Amazons are a force hell-bent on World domination in this universe and Steve Trevor is caught spying on them. To show force Diana orders to have him executed in stark contrast to the main DC Timeline.


London Conquest

Flashpoint Moments We Need To See

Just like we mentioned before, the Amazonians are no heroes in this timeline. They are a war machine hell-bent on conquest, like the Romans they gave their culture to. In the Flashpoint universe Wonder Woman takes over London and this is something that we would love to see in live-action, especially because we may also get a spy Lois Lane in the sequence. We would love to see it.


Diana Prince Vs Arthur Curry

Another Crazy thing to happen in The Flashpoint Paradox was the rivalry between Amazons and The Atlanteans. It was unlike anything we have seen before in the DC comicverse and it elevated the stakes to a whole new level in the story. But there is something of interest in this fight, after all, who does not want to see these two characters fight it out on screen in live-action.


Skinny Superman

One question that we kept asking ourselves while reading The Flashpoint Paradox was,” Where the hell is Superman?” After a long drawn story arc, we finally received that answer that the being to be known as Superman was kept in strict isolation under the light of the red sun all this while. This made him empowered and led to the skinny Superman we see above. It would be fun to see the character in live-action.


Batman Ends the conflict

During the finale of The Flashpoint Paradox, we received the most iconic moment where Reverse Flash was slain by Batman. This was no ordinary murder as Batman put a bullet in the villain’s head. Probably one of the more gruesome animations we have seen, we love it, please give us more of it. In the comic this was done via a sword through his chest, still gruesome.


Shazam! No more

Another moment in The Flashpoint Paradox where we see the brutality of Wonder Woman is when the Amazon kills Shazam. But the most interesting part here is that the character is killed in his child form and not his God form. Wonder Woman cannot kill God so she forces a transformation by Shazam into a child and picks the children off one by one. Truly horrific to see.


The Mother Who Laughs

Flashpoint Moments We Need To See

Another surprise that The Flashpoint Paradox had for us was the identity of The Joker in this alternate timeline. After losing Bruce, Thomas Wayne became the Batman who killed and Martha Wayne went completely insane. In fact, she started hysterically laughing and soon transformed into The Joker of this universe. We would enjoy seeing this joker come to live-action but it seems rather unlikely.


Death of Batman

In the original Flashpoint comic, Thomas Wayne succumbs to his injuries received from the battle with The Reverse-Flash. This was not carried over to the animated movie but we hope it is showcased in the live-action addition of the storyline. The real death of Batman is yet to grace the silver screen, we hope that this will be the one.

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