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Loki: There May Be a Link Between Time Keepers and WandaVision

The Disney+ series Loki is approaching its end, with only two more episodes left to go. Speaking of that, episode 4, “The Nexus Event,” just released, and has given us a lot to process. From characters getting pruned left and right, to sidekicks saving the day, episode 4 really sped up with the story. We now know that the Time-Keepers are just a facade, protecting a much bigger truth. Moreover, this revelation has enticed me to connect all this to the bigger picture. Loki, as a series, is anything but vague. All the connotations made thus far in the series are bilateral. Meaning, hey man more than just one thing. Plus, there could be a link between Time Keepers and WandaVision.

Link Between Time Keepers and WandaVision

The entire Marvel fandom was shaken when the Time-Keepers were revealed to be nothing more than just mindless android puppets. Now, this allows us to enhance our reach and theorize. While all this may prove that the real villain is Kang or a Loki variant himself, it connects to a major Marvel project. Yes, I’m talking about WandaVision. As it was the first project of Marvel’s Phase 4, it gave us a base to build our theories. Episode 4 of Loki finally brought the God and Goddess of Mischief face to face with the Time-Keepers. But they were just a front, after all, as Sylvie beheaded the leader (supposedly).

Link Between Time Keepers and WandaVision

The three giant space lizards, up until that point, were introduced rather dramatically. Surrounded by mist and isolation, they were very well placed within the TVA itself. And also easily accessible because Hunter B-15, a low-level TVA agent compared to Ravonna, easily made it up there. But when we first saw them, actually sitting like Gods, the background that enlightened them took me back to a particular point in WandaVision. Oh yes, I’m talking about the Runes magic. And if that is the case, whosoever is behind all this is very much aware of Agatha Harkness’s magic and powers.

Link Between Time Keepers and WandaVision

Agatha introduced the Runes magic in Marvel’s Phase 4 in an epic revelation of WandaVision episode 8. She finally introduced herself as the big bad of the show, easily overpowering Wanda. As Maximoff was in Agatha’s basement, she was unable to use her magic. Agatha then revealed the power of Runes magic, explaining that whosoever casts the Runes can only use their powers, and no one else. This was almost like a life lesson for Wanda because she used the same trick to win over Agatha in the climax battle.

How Are The Runes Connected To The TVA

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If we pay attention, the background supporting the Time-Keepers actually resembles closely the magic of Runes. Supporting Agatha’s theory, no variant is able to use their powers when in the TVA. So maybe, this Rune is one of many enclosing the TVA. Moreover, during their encounter with the Time-Keepers, Sylvie and Loki did not really use their powers even when they could have. This could simply hint at a bigger connection, intertwining Loki and WandaVision in a way we can’t fathom.

So there could be a possibility that the TVA, or someone behind it, planted Agatha in Wanda’s life to prevent her from causing a Nexus event. As explained before, the magical beings of the MCU are arguably the biggest threat to the TVA and their Sacred Timeline. I’m talking about the ones we know – Loki, Sylvie, Doctor Strange, the Ancient One, and even Agatha. So, the Runes on the Time-Keepers background could actually have similar origins to Agatha’s Runes. Now, this could interlink the TVA and Agatha.

Plus, there is a bigger connection to all this. As seen in WandaVision, the infamous “Salem Witch Trials” took place in 1693 in Salem, Massachusetts. Unlike the comic interpretation, it appears that Agatha’s mother is the leader of the Salem witch coven. She ended up killing everyone with her powers, firmly establishing that she’s the strongest of all. Now, a character this old is not an exception in the MCU. But it is entirely possible that her magic and powers would have caused trouble for the TVA. Or maybe the TVA did not even exist at that point in time. But somehow who existed at the same time could have crossed paths with her and got a hold of this knowledge. Sounds like I’m reaching, but considering Marvel, it’s totally possible!

Loki and WandaVision are currently streaming on Disney+. Do you think there were runes cast in the Time Keepers’ room? Could this be a ? Let us know in the comments.

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