4 Avengers That Could Be A Part of Solo Black Panther Movie

Black Panther was first seen in Civil War, as a son seeking out revenge for his father’s murder. He will be traveling back to Wakanda for his solo film, but make no mistake about it, The Avengers will be involved one way or the other. Here are the four likeliest candidates to appear in the upcoming film:

1. Tony Stark/Iron Man:

4 Avengers Who Should Appear In The Black Panther Movie

Iron Man and Black Panther had teamed up with Captain America: Civil War. Prince T’Challa  and Tony Stark became allies after the break up of The Avengers so that relationship could be explored further in the upcoming movie. Or it could just end up with one scene between the two, Stark could cameo in the film and leaves an important stamp for the hero.

2. Black Widow:

Black Widow gave a bit of a chase in Civil War. First being pro-registration for all superheroes than switching sides to Captain America’s team during the battle in Germany and running off into hiding. Prince T’Challa could provide refuge to the Avenger but its more than likely that it would really happen.

3. Winter Soldier:

By the end of the Civil War, Bucky Barnes had become tired of always being the one in hiding or being on the wanted list. He decided to return to cryogenic freezing, one that could only happen in Wakanda. Black Panther’s relationship for Bucky changed from being an enemy to one of respect by the end of the film. The Winter Soldier would no doubt make an appearance.

4. Captain America:

Captain America traveled to Wakanda with Bucky. He saw his friend become cryogenically frozen and he told Iron Man he’ll be around in Civil War. Steve Rogers could definitely be hanging on the low in Wakanda as he had officially given up the title of Captain America and he is on the run giving an ample chance for a Black Panther/Captain America encounter.

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