Underrated Characters In The MCU Movies Who Need More Screen Time

Underrated Characters In The MCU:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has many superheroes for each phase and storyline. Even though the stories surround these superheroes, there are important supporting characters who also deserve the spotlight. Now that the core Avengers such as Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow have left MCU, we are keen to watch the following underrated characters take the story forward. These characters are interesting too and our mighty superheroes wouldn’t have won half the battles without their support. Let’s dig more into why these Marvel characters are worth investing in.

 1. Lady Sif

Young Avengers Movie Marvel Studios

Sif is a powerful warrior in Asgard who was introduced in MCU phase 1 but disappeared in the later Thor movies. She was shockingly absent not only from Thor: Ragnarok but also from Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Now that Hulk’s snap has revived many lost characters, fans can’t wait to have her back in Thor: Love and Thunder. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige linked the absence of such a key figure to one of Loki’s conspiracies to ward off Thor’s allies.

 2. James Rhodes

Major War Machine Story Arc

There is much yet to be explored in Rhodey’s character in the MCU. So far, this military officer has barely made the cut as Iron Man’s right-hand man as War Machine. He surely had an interesting and adventurous past that made him a fit and trustworthy member of the Avengers team. He held the rank of Colonel in the US Air Force and ensured cooperation between the military and the Stark Industries. Despite Tony Stark’s shenanigans, Rhodey was always a true friend to him and fought by his side during dangerous missions. We expect MCU to promote Rhodey to more spotlight.

 3. Shuri

Underrated Characters In MCU

Now that Tony Stark has left the MCU, the team of superheroes needs someone smart like Shuri. In fact, she is the smartest MCU character who is brains behind most of the Wakanda technology which is generations ahead of the world. As the princess of Wakanda and the sister of T’Challa, Shuri had a significant role in the Black Panther movie. However, her significance has only stayed limited so far. She barely had a role in the Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. She can take the new team to greater heights with her genius mind and innovations.

 4. Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts has more to her than just a love interest of Tony Stark. She deserves more credit for running such a huge Stark Industries and taking it to greater heights. Pepper portrayed in a very vague manner in the movies. She was a multitasker, a great team leader, and pretty badass when needed. Her participation in the Endgame alongside Gods, superheroes, wizards, etc, as Rescue was a big deal. Even beneath the armor suit of iron, she is a very strong-headed character.

 5. Peggy Carter

Underrated Characters In MCU

Fans were disappointed with MCU for not giving more attention to such a badass and intelligent character like Peggy Carter who cofounded SHIELD. She had an equal contribution to Marvel and deserves her due. Unfortunately, not only was her storyline skipped Captain America’s rise but Steve Rogers’ time travel in Endgame gave closure to her chapter.

 6. Maria Hill

Underrated Characters In MCU

Maria is one of the hidden heroes who fight from behind the spotlight. She is one of the backbones of SHIELD who has come to the Avengers’ rescue on many occasions. She is a key player in the team and deserves her share of the storyline a well.

 7. Hela

Facts about Charlize Theron

MCU has a notorious image of not giving enough importance to the greatest supervillains of Marvel. It has done well by taking liberty in altering some comic book stories but also left the fans disappointed by toying with super villains such as Mandarin and Hela. A lot of expectations and excitement were attached to these villains, but MCU either made a joke out of them or killed them too soon. Cate Blanchett’s Hela had a powerful screen presence and stole all the attention from the lead characters, Thor, Loki, Hulk, and Valkyrie. This super-villain instantly became a fan favorite. Her strengths and brains were a good match for brother, Thor and we were keen to dive more into their family drama and wars.

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