10 Movie Sequels That Came Out After So Long That Nobody Cared

Movie Sequels Came Out After So Long: 

Sequels are a double-edged sword as it can either tarnish the image of the original or it can help you build a franchise and bring in millions. Every movie has a window of opportunity for a sequel and the risk of failure increases substantially with time which is exactly what happened with the movies on this list. These movies completely missed their windows and paid the price.

#1: Basic Instinct 2 (2006)

Gap: 14 Years

The original movie Basic Instinct is known for its thrilling story and its stylish approach, but unfortunately, the sequel carried none of that. After 14 years, no one really cared about the sequel and its messy content did not help the makers one bit. The sequel was bashed by the critics brutally and it ultimately bombed at the box office.

#2: Tron: Legacy (2010)

Gap: 28 Years

Tron: Legacy is not a bad movie in any aspect, but the gap of 28 years killed any buzz that the fans had for this franchise. Visually, the movie is a treat to watch but it lacked a lot in terms of the story. The sequel was underwhelming at the box office even though it had a lot of potential.

#3: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)

Gap: 23 Years

The original movie Wall Street (1987) made a lot of waves when it came out thanks to Michael Douglas’s exemplary performance and the movie ended on a perfect note. The sequel was unnecessary, to say the least. The movie came out just after the 2008 recession and that did not help it one bit, given the theme it was based on.

#4: Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

Gap: 20 Years

We still cannot understand why the makers of this movie decided to tarnish the reputation of the iconic original. Independence Day is still celebrated as an awesome movie and we choose to believe that it does not have a sequel. This movie failed on every single aspect and the dumbest thing was to not cast Will Smith.

#5: Dumb and Dumber To (2014)

Gap: 20 Years

Jim Carrey was a superstar when Dumb and Dumber came out. The original movie is full of refreshing jokes and it came out at the perfect time, unlike its sequel. Even though the original stars reprised their roles, it could not help the movie much as the writing was a huge letdown. Fans mostly ignored the movie and it failed to impress at the box office.

#6: Zoolander 2 (2016)

Gap: 15 Years

Ben Stiller directed and starred in Zoolander (2001) and he was able to create a movie that is funny and knows its place. It was silly, had fun with itself, and gave us a lot to enjoy. However, the sequel completely failed to leave a mark on the audience. It is not at all funny and it was evident from its disappointing box office collections.

#7: The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)

Gap: 23 Years

Carrie is an iconic horror movie that has inspired countless movies since its release. However, the sequel completely missed the window and came out 23 years after the original, with a different cast, making it absolutely pointless. The sequel completely bombed, so much so, that more than half the fans don’t even know that Carrie has a sequel.

#8: The Godfather Part III (1990)

Gap: 16 Years

The first two Godfather movies are considered to be among the best movies of all time and all the Godfather fans want to forget the fact that this franchise has a third movie. It was never a good idea to make this movie as no sequel could have ever lived up to the expectations and that is exactly what happened here.

#9: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

Gap: 9 Years

It took a lot to convince Frank Miller to give up his rights of the graphic novel to make Sin City and that hard work was visible in the first movie. However, the sequel was entirely made to make money. It has no heart like the original and it even failed to recover its budget at the box office.

#10: Psycho 2 (1983)

Gap: 22 Years

Alfred Hitchcock was the differentiator between the original and the sequel and the immense gap of 23 years worked against the sequel. It did not fare well with the critics and the fans did not show much love to it as well. It was unnecessary to follow such an iconic movie.

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