Who is The Best Archer In MCU? 5 Best Archers Ranked!!!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a big place. One can often get enamored and lost in the characters it presents us. The thing is that these characters are usually larger than life and quite surreal. Some of them even gave unrealistic abilities, like being the world’s greatest archer. Don’t get us wrong, Hawkeye is amazing but there are more archers in the MCU than we count. The question is who is the best archer in MCU? Here is the list of the top 5 contenders:


The person who ranks the lowest on our list is none other than Aquafina herself. This actress played the role of Shang-chi’s best friend Katy in Shang-Chi & The Ten Rings. She played the multipurpose character in this action movie. You know, the one who exists solely for comic relief but becomes Dues Ex Machina for essential moments in the plot.


This led to some hilarious occurrences. One of these was her interaction with the Archer teacher in the mystical village. The teacher had his doubts but when he lost his life on the battlefield, Katy found the courage in herself to aim her arrow perfectly and hit the soul sucker in the throat. The Dweller in Darkness was destroyed by a novice archer and she still makes our list.


The main villain of Black Widow has some interesting elements to him. The character is supposed to be the best of the best. He is both a master tactician and a super soldier, not to mention that he can copy the skill of almost anyone he encounters. We see this when he shows off his moves by copying the signature moves of the Avengers all throughout Black Widow.


There is also a moment in the movie when he displays his archery skills with the help of a compound bow which is pretty similar to Clint’s. Taskmaster may not be the best but he is pretty good. Good enough to be the 4th on our top 5

Kate Bishop

Best Archer In MCU

Late is the world’s greatest archer. Sir Hawkeye dubbed her that himself. But this is no small feat. She pulled some crazy moves in Episode 3 of Hawkeye and this was a display of what the character can really do. We cannot wait to see how she grows throughout the rest of the MCU. But for now, her immature skill level can only get her to rank 3 in our top list. She may even pull something out of her hat by the end of Hawkeye that may elevate her to the level of a master archer. What do you think? Does she have what it takes?


Black Widow Variant

What If…? showed us many different realities. Some of them were extremely fun to watch while others were heartbreaking. One particularly gut-wrenching one was where Ultron won and got hold of the infinity stones. This made him one of the most powerful villains in the history of the cosmos and enabled him to destroy all life in the universe. But two warriors stood and faced the end of all things even when everything else collapsed.


Black Widow and Clint survived the Ultron apocalypse. But then Clint lost his will to fight. He sacrificed himself so that Nat can save the universe. In the subsequent months Natasha evaded Ultron all alone, she even trained herself how to shoot the bow. She got to the level that she made the climactic shot in the finale of What If…? We are sure Clint would be proud of what she did.



Perhaps an obvious pick for rank number 1. But you see, the thing is that Hawkeye is the best archer in MCU. There is no competition for the top spot no matter how you look at it. Things have become abundantly clear time and again. Hawkeye has feats with the bow in the MCU that are unmatched by any other archer, real or imaginary. So the thing is, there is no real competition.


Best Archer In MCU

The man knocked the God of mischief off his motorcycle and he pretty much challenged a Titan with unlimited power with a string and sticks. He is easily the top choice for this prize and the number one spot on our list. But the beauty of a fan ranking is that it can be influenced by your opinions. Let us know your opinions in the comments down below.

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