10 Plot Holes in The Wizarding World Movies

Wizarding World Movies –

Harry Potter is one of the biggest franchises in the world and has the biggest fandom across the world. The movies were great and the books magical but there are some things that cannot be overlooked. If you have watched the movies a million times like most of us then you would know how they have some plot holes here and there.

 10. Dentists don’t exist in the wizarding world?

Wizarding World Movies

This one is a little silly but let’s talk about it. So when Hermione tells the profession of her parents in the Slug Club, the response is quite bizarre even when she explains what a dentist is and this makes us wonder whether wizards and witches don’t need professionals to tend to their teeth.

 9. Professor Flitwick’s makeover:

Wizarding World Movies

The Charms professor looked much older in the first movie with white hair and a beard but when he appeared in the third movie he had short black hair and a mustache. He became a totally different person and his makeover was never even addressed. He is an important character and therefore this change seemed bizarre.

 8. How did Fred and George get all that money?

Wizarding World Movies

In HBP, we are introduced to the ‘Weasley wizard wheezes’ joke shop managed by the Weasley twins. The shop is amazing and all the stuff is great but the question is where did the twins get the funds? If you have read the books you would know it was Harry who helped them with the money by giving his Triwizard Tournament money to them.

 7. Mystery of the magic mirror:

Wizarding World Movies

Some plot holes in the movies are based on the fact that all the books had not been written by JKR yet and even though she told about all the big plot points to the directors, there were things even she might have overlooked. The mirror that saves Harry and friends in the last two movies was given to him by Sirius but this was never shown in the movie. In the last two movies however it magically shows up because now it was important.

 6. Dementors should have a severe effect on Neville too:

Wizarding World Movies

In the ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ we see how Dementors have a certain interest in Harry and they affect him much more than others due to his traumatic past. Neville and Harry have a similar trauma in their childhood related to their parents which is why Dementors could have the same effect on him too as his parents suffered the Cruciatus curse and were left mentally unstable.

 5. How does Jacob remember everything:

Wizarding World Movies

At the end of the first Fantastic Beasts, we saw that Newt obliviated the entire city with the help of his Thunderbird and the rain infused with the memory erasing potion and also that Jacob lost his memory of all magical events too. In the latest film, however, Jacob remembers everything and is back with Queenie. He gives a rather vague explanation as to how he got back his memory and it is possible that Queenie filled him in with the rest but it still feels insufficient.

 4. Queenie easily crosses sides:

Wizarding World Movies

It wasn’t the most shocking thing when Queenie chose to join Grindelwald’s cause but what was weird is that it did not take much to switch her allegiance. Queenie wanted to marry Jacob and Grindelwald promised a world of freedom which naturally attracted her but was it enough to join the biggest villain and leave your friends and sister behind? It all seemed very haphazard and without much context.

 3. McGonagall at Hogwarts in the wrong year:

Wizarding World Movies

This is one plot hole that was hard to miss in the ‘Crimes of Grindelwald’ and we are still waiting for the explanation which might appear in the future films. Minerva McGonagall is shown as a teacher of Hogwarts in the year 1927 which contradicts her birth date and the timeline of Harry Potter. This was probably a fan service moment and she was brought in for the sheer excitement of the fans.

 2. Where did Dumbledore find the ring and how did he destroy it?

Wizarding World Movies

Dumbledore got the ring from the Gaunt family home which earlier belonged to Morfin Gaunt and tried to destroy it as it was a horcrux. However, he noticed that the ring had the resurrection stone attached to it and so he wore the ring for a second perhaps wishing to use its powers, but this backfired as the ring had a curse attached to it and therefore he carried the curse that would eventually spread and kill him. This whole explanation was missing from the movies.

 1. Credence and his lineage:

Wizarding World Movies

So Credence Barebone has been a mystery since the first film and ‘Crimes of Grindelwald’ gave us a whole new twist with Credence being revealed as Aurelius Dumbledore. The question is how is it possible for him to not just be related to Albus but also being his brother because the timeline doesn’t match as Kendra Dumbledore died a long time ago and couldn’t have had another kid. Only the next film can explain if this is a plot twist or a plot hole.

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