Andrew Garfield Was Almost Cast in MCU as Spider-Man After TASM 2

In the very small period over which the character of Spider-Man was established in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has already become a fan-favorite character. While he wasn’t the freshest face in the MCU he is the youngest Avenger we know. Further, the character even set up his own world with the solo venture movies that dealt with him. Spider-Man: No Way Home might actually be one of the biggest MCU events following the end of the Infinity Saga. One of the most exciting bits about the movie has to be the fact that we will be seeing the two other Spider-Man in the movie, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. But there was a time when Andrew Garfield was almost cast in MCU as Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of the most beloved characters in the superhero collective and he is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel comics. It is no surprise that one of the most successful superhero movie franchises that came before the MCU is Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies. Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker persona connected a lot with the actors and we got to see one of the best renditions of the character. But Sony discontinued this narrative after the failure of Spider-Man 3, and then we got The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield taking on the role of the hero.


Andrew Garfield Was Almost Cast in MCU

It was a completely fresh take on the character of Spider-Man and it refreshed the way the character looked and appeared along with the villains being a lot more direct adaptations from the comics. While the first movie was quite a success the sequel tried to bring together a lot of narratives and it failed to have a compelling story. This resulted in Sony dropping the character and looking for another possible way of interpreting him. Then we got Tom Holland’s Spider-Man based on an agreement between Sony and Marvel, which is a part of the MCU. But it seems that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man could have been the part of MCU instead due to an Easter egg from a deleted scene of the movie.


Andrew Garfield in the MCU

Spider-Man: Far From Home Norman Osborn

One of the most essential locations that can easily indicate the presence of Spider-Man is the Oscorp Tower that was quite visible in The Amazing Spider-Man. It is known for harboring some of the most villainous things in the narrative of Spider-Man. According to Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach, producers of The Amazing Spider-Man, this Midtown Manhattan was initially supposed to appear in the New York battle sequence of 2012’s The Avengers.


But as we know, there was no Oscorp Tower in the conclusion of the MCU Phase 1 narrative and this could have actually changed the MCU massively. This was the same year that Sony had decided to reboot Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield’s take so that they can retain the rights to the character. The possible reason for thwarting these plans could have been the fact that The Avengers’ digital Manhattan skyline was already rendered before the Oscorp Tower model was done. It might have been against the legalities but if this did happen then Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man would have been a part of the MCU.


Andrew Garfield Was Almost Cast in MCU

This would have changed the entire narrative of Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3, which is when MCU finally got its Spider-Man due to an understanding between the two studios. This would have also meant that we would have gotten to see the MCU heroes in the third film in the initially planned Amazing Spider-Man trilogy. But we are happy with the Tom Holland Spider-Man which might have not even happened if the initial plans were taken into consideration. Well, we will get a chance to see Andrew Garfield finally appear in the MCU as the friendly neighborhood hero now in No Way Home.


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