Dune 2 Is Coming. Legendary Has Officially Greenlit The Sequel

Dune was released this weekend in the US and across the globe. The post-apocalyptic story has a distinct dystopian look and feels, maybe because it is a story of a dystopian world. This feature film was met with a warm reception. With $41 million as the opening now in the domestic box office, it seems the movie has exceeded the expectations of the studio. How else do you explain that Legendary and WB have greenlit the sequel already? You read that right, Dune 2 is coming.

This tweet was shared by Legendary Pictures’ Twitter account half a day ago:

The fact that Dune ended on a cliffhanger has left a lot of fans uneasy, so it comes as no surprise that the fandom is rejoicing at this news. But the interesting part is the motivation of the studio. Since they were ending the movie on a cliffhanger they must have had plans in place to make a sequel from the very start. However, it is unlikely that they would have planned to announce it so early, we suppose that the $220 million worldwide openings might have aided the decision-making process for Legendary and Warner Bros, just a little bit.


Whatever the case might be, Dune 2 is coming. Legendary has officially greenlit the sequel and this tweet is proof of that. It has been given a release date of October 20, 2023. It is interesting how the people at Legendary studios thought it was to share only three words with us. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy the minimalist design of the poster. But as fans, we always yearn for more. Maybe a little hint at the future plot would have been nice. Perhaps we should finally read the Frank Herbert novels.


Dune 2 is Coming

The original novel is about an ancient-Japaneseesque society. The only difference is that they at not based on an island but in space. Moreover, they are not fighting for control of the land but of natural resources on entire planets. Amidst the feudal lords and the corruption, there is a boy named Paul. Paul is the son of Leto and Jessica. The lineage of this character is a bit complicated and has a lot of spoilers in it so we will not share much of it. But Paul inadvertently becomes the most powerful and most important character in the series.


He has been trained in the ways of the warrior since an early age by his father’s aides and has also been attuned to his psychic powers of premonitions by his mother’s lineage. He uses these powers to empower the native population of a desert planet called Arrakis. The Fremen of Arrakis has been oppressed by the empire for far too long. Their planet is the only source of Spice or Melange, a mysterious substance that perpetuates human youth and blesses some of them with supernatural abilities.


Paul eventually ends up assuming the leadership of the Fremen and takes an indigenous lover called Chani. Together they bring a son into the world called Leto 2. Paul thinks that he can train the Fremen into being a formidable fighting force but he would have to control them lest their hate consumes the entire universe. This leads to him striking a very delicate balance where he tries to overthrow the empire wi5hout starting a violent revolution that cannot be stopped.


The Conclusion

Needless to say, Paul does succeed in overthrowing the empire. The Emperor ends up abdicating how thrown to our protagonist but Paul realizes that he can no longer stop the Fremen Jihad. Their beliefs have become too big for him to try to control and this is where the first movie ends. Right at the precipice of these events. This is what makes a truly good movie/ story. The stakes of the game just keep escalating, confuses the audience, and makes them think that the peak of the story is here while it just keeps on escalating.


Truly a marvelous story and a pretty good adaptation into live-action. Dune is one of those stories that make us realize that maybe Hollywood does have some chops when it comes to adapting fantasy novels. They get it wrong most times, but this time they got it almost right. Makes us happy that Dune 2 is coming. What do you think of this analysis and announcement? Let us know in the comments below.

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