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11 Surprising Facts About The Flash That Will Blow Your Mind

We all love the Scarlet Speedster. He runs; he leaps; he saves the day in picoseconds. But how many of you know everything to know there is about the Flash?!?!? Everyone will say AYE but we are here to burst your bubble fellas. With Ezra Miller’s new Flash movie approaching us, let’s learn a bit about the character. Here are 11 surprising facts about the Flash that will blow your mind:

 1. Protective Aura

Ever ran like the wind?? The greatest enemy that tries everything it possibly can to stop you in your tracks is the wind itself. Air Friction plays a crucial part in decelerating objects within the atmosphere. While it saves us from the raging outer space meteors, it is a real bitch when it comes to running. But the Flash has a trick up his sleeve. When he runs, a protective speed Force Bubble helps prevent air friction from burning off his very skin.

Super Speed Brain

If you run so fast, you have to be quick on your feet. When you are facing villains of the highest order, you have to be even quicker. Fortunately, the Flash also has a head start in this area. The Flash’s brain is as fast as his feet. His thought process is akin to a supercomputer. It is so fast even telepaths have trouble reading his mind.

Super Fast Healing

Facts About The Flash

If you think the Flash has a healing factor, you are right. But if you think it is the same as Wolverine’s, you are dad wrong. The Flash’s body heals extremely fast, regardless of the injury. Having a healing factor means the body sets itself first before the healing process begins. Flash’s super quick healing means that even if the bone isn’t set yet, it will heal and further damage his body. Imagine a broken femur. Now imagine it in a V Shape. That’s Flash’s healing.

Bart Allen’s Plastic Knee

Bart Allen is a prominent member of the Teen Titans. While he used the name Impulse, he and the titans faced Deathstroke. Deathstroke shot Bart in the knee. Bart could have suffered permanent injury had he not run to the hospital at once. Even still, his knee was permanently shattered and was later replaced with a plastic one.

Speedy Appetite

The Flash has an extremely large appetite courtesy of his Speed Force powers. The Flash’s metabolism is exceedingly fast and hence he requires an extremely high dose of calories to keep his gears running. Considering his speed force powers, his large appetite is understandable.

Density Shifting

The Density Shifting power has always been the mantle of Martian Manhunter in DC Comics. But the Flash is also a master of the art as well. In the comics, several speedsters, including the Flash, vibrate their bodies so fast that they pass through the space between the atoms of an object. It is shown that the process can cause immense pain.

Speed Force Genes

When the Speed Force struck Barry Allen, it didn’t just give him speedster abilities but also mutated his DNA. The Flash’s twin kids inherited his speed force powers. Bart Allen, Barry’s grandson from a future timeline was also genetically imbued with the peed Force from birth.

One with the Force

Facts about the Flash

Barry Allen’s body serves as a conduit for the Speed Force. But in one issue, he ran so fast that his body accessed an immense amount of speed force. His body stopped becoming a conduit and was instead sucked into the Speed Force. It was only 20 years later that he returned from the speed force dimension.

He gave himself speedster powers

The Flash aka Barry Allen was working in a forensic crime lab when a freak lightning bolt struck him down into a pool of chemicals and he was later imbued with a connection to the all-powerful Speed Force. But many of you don’t know that the lightning bolt that struck Barry Allen was actually Barry himself who had time traveled back to the past.

Super Strength

If you thought the Speed Force only gave super speed, think again. The Speed Force can also endow its user with a pseudo-super strength ability. Gravity takes time to affect an object. But if you can move that object from point A to point B before gravity can do its job, Voila! You have super strength!!!! The Flash can also increase his mass like the way he does while performing his ‘Infinite Mass Punch’. So he can lift as well as hit incredibly hard.

Plastic Surgery

Barry Allen, once, was bitten to an inch of his life. His facial bones had shattered and healed back so many times that he needed plastic surgery to get it fixed, even though he still had his super-fast healing ability. For the time being, the Flash had to live with a face that was completely different from his original version. Thanks to 30th Century facial reconstruction technology, the Flash got his old face back.

Were you aware of these facts about the Flash? Let us know in the comments.

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