Here’s The Massive Hint About “Atom” In Justice League

Justice League has already hit the theaters. The movie has brought in, in the simplest terms, massive mixed feelings. The views on the Justice League seem to be more polarizing than Trump’s Mexican wall proposal. On one hand, fans think the movie is an art that brings in nostalgia and awesomeness to the big screens without sacrificing the expectations of its loyal fan base. On the other hand, the critics are still following the same trend that they were with pre-Wonder Woman DC movies. The Rotten Tomatoes score for the movie currently stands at 41%.

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We saw the greatest DC superheroes under one roof against a terrifying adversary Steppenwolf. No matter how hard fans try, they would never forget Ciarán Hinds’ appearance as Steppenwolf in the movie and that too for wrong reasons. The fans were expecting too much from the first movie and its villain but they had to settle with the simplified mission of Steppenwolf and watching their heroes stopping him from accomplishing his evil goals.

Fans saw many cameos in the movie including the DC Gods – Zeus, Artemis, and Ares who fought along with the people of Earth in the mythology scene. The movie also saw a brief cameo of one of the members of the Green Lantern Corps. The Lantern who dies fighting the forces of Steppenwolf in the movie along with Atlanteans Amazons and Humans was later identified by fans as Yalan Gur.

Now an easter egg has been uncovered teasing the presence of Atom in the DCEU. While the character has already appeared in the DC’s Arrowverse, he is yet to make a debut on the big screens. The Justice League movie not only united its top characters under one roof, it also hinted at the further expansion of the franchise.

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A Reddit user, naelps has caught the easter egg that hinted the presence of The Atom in DCEU. As you can see, the image features the name “Choi, Ryan” on the list showing the STAR Labs employees. In DC comics, Ryan Choi is the fourth Atom and the pupil of Ray Palmer aka Atom.

The character is created by Gail Simone and Grant Morrison and first appeared in the year 2006’s DCU: Brave New World. The character moves into Ivy Town from Hong Kong to take up the teaching position after the disappearance of Ray Palmer. After some time, Choi gains some of Palmer’s tech and becomes the new crime-fighting hero with similar size-changing abilities as that of original Atom.

The easter egg is certainly a hint towards the direction DCEU would go from now and if the character shows up in the future, the move would also make sense. The character is already established in the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow and it would be a smart move for DCEU to focus on the latest version of The Atom instead.

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Earlier there had been a rumor going around about the runtime of the Justice League movie. Some sources said it that it was about 180 minutes, some claimed that it was about 145 minutes but the movie was officially 121 minutes i.e. 2 hours and 1 minute long. That means excluding the credits and everything, the movie was only about 1 hour and 50 minutes long.


We can all agree on one basic fact that DCEU needs to reinvent itself to create hysteria around its movies if it has to give a tough fight to the Marvel in the long run. After Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad not performing to the best of their potential and failing to set the cash registers ringing, the Justice League was supposed to be a huge blockbuster, a record-breaking hit which would have set the path forward for DCEU.

Nevertheless, Justice League has earned over $480 Million worldwide and is going strong in international market compared to the domestic market. WB who spent $300 Million in its making requires $600 Million to avoid losses.

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