5 Incredible Superpowers of Batman You Never Knew And 5 Insane Weaknesses

Batman is like a dream come true for peak physical and mental conditioning. Using nothing but his brains and brawns, he has defeated foes twice his size and vastly superior to him in strength as well as speed. He is still seen as a human who achieved the impossible with nothing but rigorous training and focus. But Batman wasn’t always a ‘human’. Sometimes he had to break the rules. Bruce Wayne also has had superpowers. And also some insane weaknesses that come along with it. Presenting 5 Incredible Superpowers and 5 insane weaknesses of Batman you never knew…..

Superpower: Various Lantern Rings

Believe it or not, Batman has been a part of more than one Lantern Corps. He became am ridiculously ruthless Black Lantern in Blackest Night. In Sinestro Corps War and Forever Evil, he even wielded a Yellow Power Ring. In Dark Nights Metal issues, Batman of an alternate Earth wielded the Green Lantern Power Ring to become the Dawnbreaker.

Weakness: Joker’s Blood

Joker is not just Batman’s Enemy number one for nothing. Like Kryptonite can weaken Superman, Joker’s Blood can weaken Batman. In Batman: Arkham City, Joker’s Blood is transfused into Batman which weakens him so much that he has to turn to the League of Assassins for help. Anything incubated within Joker’s body can turn him into a version of the Joker himself. In Dark Nights Metal, the Batman Who Laughs is actually Bruce Wayne exposed to a new form of Joker Venom Gas that emanated from the clown’s corpse.

Superpower: Absolute Knowledge

In Darkseid War, The League is able to trick Metron to leave his Mobius Chair that is immediately occupied by Batman next. Batman becomes the new God of Knowledge and uses the Mobius Chair to learn stuff which he never knew like the identity of his parents’ murderer and th fact that there aren’t one but three Jokers in Gotham.

Weakness: The Mobius Chair

You have too much of something, it destroys you. You have too little of something, it still destroys you. The Mobius Chair made Bruce Wayne invincible but prolonged exposure threatened the life of his allies. So Hal Jordan had to use the entire charge of his power ring to force Batman out of the chair.

Superpower: Vampire Physiology

In Batman – Vampire trilogy, Bruce Wayne is transformed into a Vampire when bit by Tanya who herself is one. Batman then wages a war against Dracula and his vampire army using his newfound powers. He has bat-shaped wings, superior strength and speed and vampire teeth. After being completely drained of his blood by Dracula, Batman’s powers further increase.

Weakness: Sunlight


Since he is a vampire, this might not come as a surprise. But Vampires aren’t just vulnerable to sunlight. Garlic, Wooden Stakes to the heart and holy water can kill them but not Vampire Batman. By abstaining from drinking human blood, Batman is immune to most forms of Vampire killing techniques. The only way he could be killed is by Sunlight, which he does himself to end his cursed existence in Crimson Mist.

Superpower: Speed Force

In Dark Nights Metal: Red Death One-Shot, Bruce Wayne captures Barry Allen and steals the Speed Force from him. He later uses the power to end all crime in Gotham and becomes exceedingly violent. Batman is then called the Red Death. With the tactical genius of Bruce Wayne and Speed Force powers of Barry Allen, the name actually suits the new Scarlett speedster.

Weakness: Speedster Weaknesses

Classic Speedster weaknesses include strong gravitational fields and speedster killing weapons. Since Batman has Barry’s powers, he also has Barry’s weaknesses including a limit to how fast he can run lest his body disintegrate. In addition to that, Bruce must always be on guard since his mind is also home to the consciousness of Barry Allen, which will take control of his body at once if Bruce doesn’t stay alert.

Superpower: God of War

In Batman: Merciless Vol. 1, Batman defeats Ares after the latter has almost destroyed the earth in an alternate timeline, Bruce then dons the helmet of Ares to become the new God of War. As the God of War, Bruce’s might is limitless as he goes on a rampage throughout the Dark Multi-verse.

Weakness: Godkiller


Forged by Hephaestus, the Greek God Smith, the Godkiller was made for Deathstroke to kill the Titan, Lapetus. It has since been revealed to hurt and kill other divinely powered beings as well. The Godkiller can absorb and redirect energy blasts with twice the force, give the user increased strength, change its form to different weapons and can even regenerate if destroyed. The Godkiller is currently in The Merciless’ possession but one slip of hand is all it takes for his own weapon to be used against him.

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