WandaVision Theory: Westview Is A Prison For Witches

WandaVision has left its viewers wondering throughout its episodes. Why wouldn’t it? The show did not have a single tease before its premiere except the ambiguous posters indicating their costumes, and so little about the plot. Marvel Studios had to be discreet about it as they legit released a project after over a year and kicked off its Phase 4 with WandaVision. We did not see Vision ever since the unfortunate events in Avengers: Infinity War, where he was killed by Wanda first to stop Thanos from using the full power of the Infinity Gauntlet. But then Thanos used the Time Stone to reverse the events and eventually killed Vision anyway to take the Mind Stone. Vision was not seen in Avengers: Endgame as well, but was seen right away in the first-ever marvel Disney+ series, WandaVision. In the said series, he is seen living with his love, Wanda, in a reality that is entirely weird.

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WandaVision has provoked its viewers to come up with all sorts of theories. And today, we have another one where people are saying that Wanda is living in a reality which is a prison for witches! Based on classic 1950s sitcoms like I Love Lucy, WandaVision saw Vision posing as a run-of-the-mill working husband. Meanwhile, Wanda settled into the role of a doting housewife. In true sitcom fashion, they had to host dinner for Vision’s boss, Mr. Hart (Fred Melamed), and his wife Mrs. Hart (Debra Jo Rupp).

 WandaVision episode 2 took its cues more from such 1960s offerings like Bewitched. Evermore eager to blend in with the community, Wanda and Vision signed up for a charity talent show. Those efforts served to introduce more of Westview’s residents, including Dottie (Emma Caulfield) and Beverly (Jolene Purdy). Though the usual sitcom hijinks ensued, things again concluded in a customarily successful fashion as Scarlet Witch and Vision earned the adoration of their neighbors.

Ever since Kathryn Hahn was officially cast as the curiously titled “nosy neighbor”, the internet was swamped with theories regarding her true identity. The most prevalent was that Hahn would turn out to be Agatha Harkness — a frequent foil and mentor of Wanda’s from the comics. That was only lent further credence when she was credited as Agnes, which may be an abbreviation of “ag” from Agatha and “nes” from Harkness. Such a revelation has yet to be confirmed on the show. After only two episodes, it was too early to speculate fully on some merely-glimpsed characters. That being said, there was actually a lot to be gleaned from those that were more prominent.

Firstly, in WandaVision episode 1, Mrs. Hart was somewhat able to break through whatever brainwashing or psychic hold had taken hold of the town. Such moments occurred repeatedly, often preceded by a seeming signal interruption coming through radio transmissions and the like. In Mrs. Hart’s case, however, it seemed to be through sheer force of mental will. Though her expression maintained the sitcom facade, her words and tone of panic were clear. As her husband choked, Mrs. Hart implored Wanda to “stop it”.

Now the theory suggests that Westview, where Wanda and Vision are currently living, was a utopian society of witches that has been corrupted. If Agnes is indeed Agatha Harkness, there would actually be some precedent in the comics for Westview to be a magically-hidden sanctuary. Despite her youthful appearance on the show, Agatha Harkness was actually many centuries old on the page. As a result, she has witnessed and endured some of the world’s greatest atrocities. As well as the sinking of Atlantis, one of those tragic events was the Salem Witch Trials. In the wake of that brutal persecution, some witches deigned to create their own secret community. Vowing to remain permanently separate from the rest of humanity, they shielded it from view and dubbed it New Salem. That would fit with Westview’s advertising mantra of “Home: It’s where you make it.”

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In episode 1, Agnes revealed that the anniversary with her potentially fake husband, Ralph, was June 2nd. That date had great significance in the witch trials; it marked the first of many horrific indictments in 1692. For a time, Agatha Harkness was the ruler of New Salem. That would appear to not be the case in WandaVision. Based on a conversation with Vision in the trailers, she seemed as confused as everybody else when briefly “woken up” — wondering if she’s dead like Vision was supposed to be. However, that lack of leadership deviation from the comics wouldn’t negate such a New Salem reveal. In fact, it could come with several explanations… which we’ll get back to.

Westview might have been constructed as a prison from the outset. But who would have a reason for constructing such a thing? A simple answer would be Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor). Given his vendetta, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that he’s been capturing witches and trapping them in a pocket-world prison. A prison that Scarlet Witch either stumbled into while working with S.W.O.R.D. to investigate an anomaly — or that she was actively, forcibly placed within. As such, Woo’s question of “who’s doing this to you?” could have a surprising answer with an already-established MCU origin.

So if Westview is really a prison for witches, then the viewers are in for a ride where they could get to see Wanda try to escape this prison with the condition of never seeing Vision ever again. SO maybe the rule of this prison is – derail from the reality to spend time with the ones you’ve loved and lost. But then, you can never leave. And if you do, the condition is that you will never be able to see them again.

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What do you think about this theory? WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+.

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