A Key Moon Knight Deleted Scene Revealed By Director

Disney+’s Moon Knight was a complete package. It had action and light humor, but most importantly, it had scenes that were so tragic that they made our eyes teary. And Oscar Isaac proved his awesome skills as an actor by shining through all of these scenes. Since the first episode, every critic and fan has been praising him for his skills. And now the director, Mohamed Diab has revealed a Moon Knight deleted scene that alone would’ve won the actor an oscar.

With the sixth and final episode out just a couple of days before the premiere of the Multiverse of Madness, Moon Knight is currently streaming on Disney+. The final episode was a worthy send-off to the character we started to love in the first episode. The last episode saw Steven come back to life and join Marc in his fight against Harrow. Meanwhile, Harrow released Ammit onto the world but Khonshu engages himself to stop her. Their Avatars fighting each other, while the Gods taking on each other in a kaiju-style battle, under the beautiful night sky of Cairo, made for an awesome climax.


There is no doubt that the last episode was filled with action-filled twists and turns. We finally see Marc’s third persona, Jake Lockley. And in the first scene, he goes on and kills Harrow. Just as we were starting to think that it couldn’t get any better than this, Mohamed Diab, the director of 4 Moon Knight episodes, revealed his favorite scene. According to him, this scene alone would’ve been enough to win Oscar Isaac an oscar, if he doesn’t already win for his amazing performance.



Since the conclusion of Moon Knight, the cast and crew have participated in a series of interviews. And in one of his recent ones with The Hollywood Reporter, Mohamed Diab talked about a scene that was cut from the season finale. If we believe what he says, this scene was even sadder than the ones we saw in the fifth episode. This scene saw Marc meet his mother again in the ‘white void’. He met her again to address his childhood trauma and get over it. More on that, let’s see what the director tell about the scene.

“Well, the emotional stakes increase in episode five. So if we’re talking about the amount of emotional intensity, everything in episode five is more intense. By the way, there was a longer version of that steak scene, which was fantastic, too. So my favorites would be the steak scene and the scene after the sitting shiva when Marc cries on the ground. And then Marc and Steven are out there talking about it. Oscar did a fantastic job feeling sad through three different people, and it was such a great, emotional scene. I just love what Oscar did there.”


There’s no doubting that Oscar is a great actor whose acting skills have only gone up. When portraying a single character is difficult for most people, Oscar is out there playing three of them. And as a bonus, he has to switch between them smoothly. One can only imagine pulling off this amazing feat of skill. And Oscar did it so well that Diab says it’s his favorite scene. He even says that is so excited to reveal it to the public and after this, we want to see it all much more.


Moon Knight deleted scene

Moon Knight may seem like an action project at the first look, but it’s not. It’s actually tragic. A little who just lost his brother gets ignored and abused by his mother, and there is no one to stop her. He gets so lonely that he is forced to develop an alternate persona that helps him go through his childhood. And just after a few years of freedom from that trauma, a supernatural entity takes over his body and forced him to do his bidding. Khonshu forced him to be a killer and made Marc hate himself. How can you go through this story without feeling sad for the little boy inside Marc’s body? But the real credit goes to the team who did such an amazing job with this story, especially Diab and Oscar Isaac. Hats off! Moon Knight is currently streaming on Disney+.


Are you excited to check out that Moon Knight deleted scene? Do you think Oscar Isaac deserves an oscar for his performance in Moon Knight? Do let us know in the comments section below

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