7 Hashtags that Need to Stop

The current generation is obsessed with social media. They are so fixated with it that they are slowly losing their minds. Nowadays, youngsters (and even older people!) go out, party, click pictures, put filters and post them on social media with hashtags ranging from sentimental to completely vague. Here are some hashtags which are becoming too common and clichéd and really need to stop. (I’m going to be losing a lot of friends after this post but hey #idontcare).



So you uploaded a picture of yourself, a pretty selfie that will fetch you a lot of likes. The filter makes you look perfect. The light is shining right in your face and everything is beautiful, serene and calm. To me that’s a happy picture (if you’re not pouting). I can’t comprehend how you think you’re blessed in such a scenario? I simply do not understand it. Did you just visit the temple? Are you blessed that you have a decent self camera or because you used the correct filter?  Sorry but I’m #clueless.



Bae stands for ‘Before Anyone Else’. Your bae is someone you love, a person who you would do anything for. NOT every person you meet, or everything you see. Pictures these days have series of hashtags with #newfriend #bae in the same caption. I say NO. Your friend/partner/family member can be classified as your bae. That tree isn’t your bae, neither is that cupcake. The term is ridiculously catchy, the least you can do is use it appropriately.



I have nothing against this hashtag when it’s used in its proper context, that is, in a photo where there’s sunlight. Some people fail to understand the difference between natural sunlight and filter induced light. You are not “sunkissed” if you just edited a dull photo or used Retrica. Also, when you upload a sun-kissed photo, do ensure that your face is showing. Sometimes people like to go a little wild with the sunlight and all I see is a bright white light with a hint of a jawline.

#This #is #a #story #of #hashtags


Wow! That’s a lengthy hashtag, isn’t it? But wait, that’s just the beginning. I know some people (unfortunately) who post stories on social media. I am totally fine with reading a good article or poem. The only problem I have is when your story #reads #like #this. The purpose of hashtags is to link your post with similar ones across social media. I highly doubt someone would be interested in clicking on #is. Stop. Now.


insta-pic-hashtagImagine an email starting with Gmail-Email or Yahoo-Email. Sounds absurd doesn’t it? Precisely my friend! You’re posting a picture on Instagram, we can see that. You do not have to tell us the name of the website. Do you get paid by them for every “Insta” you use? I think not. So how about you just stick to something normal rather than show the world your creativity.



Alright, I just have one question for these people. Who are you fooling? When someone takes a selfie by accident, you know what it’s really like? Double, triple chins, mouth slightly ajar and eyes half closed. It’s not an “accidental” selfie when your hair is flawless and you’re smiling perfectly with surprised eyes. Do not lower the respect people have for you (if they do after that “accident”) and please don’t reduce the self esteem of the gullible people out there.



A lot of people enjoy putting up hashtags that end with “Diaries”. Sometimes it’s #CollegeDiaries whereas winters see a lot of #WeddingDiaries. What is this diary that everyone seems to be filling these days? Slam books went out of fashion ages ago, so why this sudden diary craze? Understandable that you’re taking pictures with your friends in college and enjoying life (not FYUP batch I bet) and you wish to share that moment with others. Yes, post those pictures, have a comment conversation below it but just understand that it’s not “#diaries” when it’s written under one single picture.

M. Megha

A passionate writer, artist, movie buff and a hard core non vegetarian, she enjoys trying new and different things. Comedy and thriller movies are her sources of comfort. A student of psychology, she finds the subject fascinating and often incorporates it into the occasional fictional pieces she pens down.
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