10 Scenes In MCU Movies That Were Deleted For Shocking Reasons

Undoubtedly the MCU has given its fans a hell of a joy ride. Be it Asgardian Humour or the Stark Sarcasm, everything has been on point. Sure there have been some disappointing films such as Iron Man 2, but apart from that everything was awesome.

Now, what if we tell you that there were some amazing scenes that were just cut because they didn’t fit the script or because the film was becoming too long or because the writers wanted to have that part hidden? Yes, Marvel has a stack of such content. And here we bring you some such scenes that you won’t believe were cut by the Marvel Studios:

A Glass Of Snakes (Thor)

This scene here was cut from the film, Thor: The Dark World. It was a tad disappointing sequel to the first film which was more or less the origin story of Thor and introduced us to Asgardian realm and its myriad characters including his father Odin, brother Loki and girlfriend Lady Sif.

Here Loki turns a glass of wine into snakes to show his brother some love. This is all a day before Thor claims the Throne. But if this scene were there it would show somewhat more about how Loki was going to betray his brother. Also what he does in Thor 2, yeah we mean his death. Imagine the impact the scene would have had when Thor actually died and then brought back from the dead.

Sisterly Love (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

Guardians of the Galaxy created history of sorts when Marvel proved to the entire industry that anything can be sold provided you have the right packaging and great marketing campaign. The weirdest and whackiest comic book characters such as Starlord, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Groot etc. who nobody knew except big Marvel comics fans became not just famous but now commands massive fan following. The follow up movie to the GOTG Vol.1 added some new characters such as Yondu, Mantis etc. and was equally good as the original.

But there were few scenes that were edited out and now we get to see them. Of course, we got to see how much rivalry there is between the two sisters in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. But still, it would have been great to see in the first part of the film too where the two can be seen arguing and Nebula’s jealousy of seeing that Gamora was preferred to retrieve the Orb.

Young Pete (The Avengers)

The Avengers was perhaps one of the most successful and entertaining superhero ensemble movie ever put on screen. The fact that we got to see our beloved superheroes in a single frame kicking ass was just overwhelming. Everything from direction to story, cinematography to visual effects, it was cut to perfection. But there were scenes which were edited out from the final cut and now we are getting to see them.

This particular scene would have added a great deal to Captain America’s character, and also that Pete already had seen Captain America as well as Iron Man when he was just a kid. Here in it would also have shown that even in times of such distress, Captain America just wanted to help others.

Black Widow VS Cap (Captain America: Civil War)

Captain America: Civil War was not just a superhero movie but an intriguing political thriller where superheroes were divided into two camps – Team Iron Man and Team Cap. Iron Man was in favor of registration of superheroes under UN Sokovia accords but Cap was opposed to the idea as it would compromise national security and identity of agents serving missions under aliases.

Yeah, the film had enough pals trading blows in its end, and the multi-superhero fight before that too. Yeah we are talking about the airport battle, but still it would have been great to see Captain America and Black Widow have a good hand to hand combat scene. The tension and uneasiness between the two after having awesome chemistry in Captain America 2 would have been irresistible to watch.

Thor Loves Loki? (Thor: The Dark World)

Yeah, Thor and Frigga actually discuss Loki. The scene is particularly beautiful where Frigga’s love for her sons can be shown. Also Thor’s caring attitude can also be seen.

Hulk Tries Suicide (The Incredible Hulk)

Can you recollect the scene where Bruce Banner talks about his suicide attempt where he tried to blow his brains out but the “other guy” just spitted it out? Yeah, well this is a full-fledged scene in the Incredible Hulk. But it had a lot more than just what was shown on the big screen. There he then turns into the Hulk and crushes the gun with his hands.

The Incredible Hulk to sequel to ‘The Hulk’ is an example of a follow up movie which was rushed, unimaginative and shoddily made. From Eric Bana to Edward Norton as the lead character did not blend seamlessly into the narrative and the result was a lost opportunity.

King Loki (Thor: Dark World)

This one is from the film, Thor: The Dark World where Loki casts illusions and sees himself as king. Loved by people and the one wielding the mighty Mjolnir, this scene was the beginning of Loki’s character in the film actually what he wanted and how desperate he was. Who would not want to see more scenes with King Loki?

Captain America’s Past (The Avengers)

Captain America was an instrumental guy in uniting the Avengers when all hope was lost and Loki with his chittauri army ripping apart New York piece by piece. He stepped up like a true leader and entrusted different responsibilities to each of the members to defend the city, save people and defeat Loki. But there was an amazing flashback scene that was supposed to be part of the final cut but got edited out.

This one would have been a great scene but it would have made the Joss Whedon film more than three hours long. The film earlier had scenes showing Captain America researching his past. Videos about World War 2, files that he researches about Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, Hoard’s Son the billionaire Tony Stark and what not. He also gets a waitress, who then has some sort of thing with him.

Thor Healing Selvig (Thor)

Here, when the Destroyer attacks, Selvig gets seriously injured and he lays on the ground dying but Thor using his supernatural powers and a supernatural stone heals Selvig, where he then says that he is starting to like him.

The Destroyer was introduced in Thor when Loki brought the object to life and sent it to Planet Earth to kill his brother, Thor fought against a powerful weapon but then regained his powers just before the end and defeated ‘The Destroyer’. Moreover, The Destroyer was supposed to be featured in Thor: Ragnarok as well and confront Hela when she was on her way to retrieve Heimdall’s sword and she would have beaten Destroyer easily. Hopefully, we will see Destroyer getting hammered (pun intended) in the Blu ray or DVD version of the movie.

Eric Pearson, the screen writer said this:

“There was a scene where she [Hela] thought they were hiding the sword in the armory, this big fortress, she goes up, and the Destroyer armor comes out to take her out, and she just rips that thing apart too, just to call back the Destroyer armor. And it just felt like an extra beat that we didn’t need. We needed to get Thor pushing back to Asgard as fast as possible.”

Cross Explains Pym Particles (Ant-Man)


Ant-Man was an amazing introduction to one of the most underrated superhero in the Marvel universe. But it won hearts of fans and critics. There was a question in everyone’s minds about what exactly could the Pym Particles do. Well the deleted scene very beautifully answered those questions. In a scene Cross explains it all, and it was a shame that the particles were not in the hands of a good person. Else they are something that could be used for the betterment of mankind.

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