5 EPIC Superhero Love Triangles of All Time

Of course, these guys can save buildings from falling, can even save planets, but there is something which is even more complicated to save relationships.  Here is a list of some of the superheroes who have the epic love triangles in the history of comics.

Cyclops/ Jean Grey/ Emma Frost

After Emma joining the X-Men she provides marriage counseling to Scott Summers, but soon they form a psychic sexual relationship, Jean using her psychic powers finds them in bed and shatters her diamond form, but later after Jean’s death, Emma and Scott come into a legitimate relationship.

Dick Grayson/ Starfire/ Barbara Gordon

There aren’t a lot of guys who get options like these. Robin fell in love with Batgirl at the first sight, who at first put him off because of his age, the two eventually get together but then Starfire appears, and the orange beauty almost gets married to Dick. Towards the end though it is Barbara Gordon and Robin, even after she’s become Oracle.

Bruce Wayne/ Rachel Dawes/ Harvey Dent

This love story is not a secret from anyone. Rachel says she can’t be with Bruce until he’s done being Batman, but that was not gonna happen, until a point where Batman actually even thinks of putting down the cape. But even then Rachel chooses Harvey and this love triangle are greatly exploited by the Joker, resulting in Rachel’s death and Harvey becoming Two faces.

Wolverine/ Jean Grey/ Cyclops

Just when we thought the Scott Jean relationship couldn’t get any weirder. Enter Wolverine. Jean cheated on Scott o multiple occasions with Wolverine. She was a reason of constant tension between the two mutants, but in the end, she chooses Scott over Wolvie.

Peter Parker/ Mary Jane/ Gwen Stacy


Mary Jane is Peter’s childhood love, but Peter then moves on to Gwen Stacy after he finds MJ being shallow. The couple is parted by Gwen’s death by the hands of green goblin, which then makes Mary Jane a bit more serious. They then eventually get marries.

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