8 Marvel and DC Superheroes Who Can Literally Talk To Animals

In the vast world of Comics, there are many Superheroes with different kinds of powers.  Some have huge strength, some use their brain to get away from tight places, some have magic as their weapon and some are just demigods with tremendous power. In that variety of great powers, which one can only dream of, there is a power by which one can communicate with animal and use their aid in a fight with big baddies. Some superheroes have this ability as part of their major super powers and some superheroes have only this ability as a superpower. Here is a list of such superheroes in both Marvel and DC who can talk to animals.


“A King is a King in every corner of his kingdom… and when he’s not in his kingdom? He’s still a King. “    –Marlus Randone (New Earth)

This lines perfectly suits the ruler of 70% of the earth, the king of Atlantis Aquaman. As a king of seven seas, Aquaman has tremendous strength and powers.  Aquaman can also talk or communicate with fish under water. Aquaman has telepathic control over all the living things in the sea by this telepathic control he can talk to them. This power is useful when he will be dealing with large no. of enemies.

Ant-man and Wasp

Ant-man got his name after an animal so anyone will make a guess that he can talk to animals. This tiny superhero and his partner both can communicate with insects. The helmet of ant-man has encoder’s decoders and communication devices fitted inside by which he can hear the insects and can respond them. But wasp can talk to insects because of some genetic modifications. We have already seen how ridiculously cool this power is in Ant-man movie. Hopefully, we are getting ant-man 2 to explore it more.


This dc superhero has the ability to wield all powers of the animal kingdom with the help of Tantu totem. She can actually take the abilities of any animal she can think of. She can communicate with them and can control any animal. Recently she appeared in CW’s Arrow and we are hopefully going to see her again in future as CW is working on a solo TV series.

Squirrel Girl

This marvel character can actually talk to Squirrel in Squirrel language. She is a college going girl with abilities and appearance of a squirrel. She has strong teeth, knuckle spikes, increased strength, and sharp claw (And a tail.). She was underestimated lots of time. She has defeated Galactus single-handedly.

Hawk-man and Hawk-girl

This Thangarian couple which got their abilities from a mysterious anti-gravity element called Nth Metal. Along with the god-like strength and powers, they can communicate with birds. They use a device called Absorbascon which can help them to understand thoughts of birds. The hawk people uses birds as a distraction and also they use then as a spy or for surveillance.

Nature girl

She is a mutant who is a student at Jean Grey Academy. She has a wide range of this power as compared to another character who has this ability. She can manipulate animals can control any beast from any planet she can also control plants. She uses them as spying object and can control and prevent them from attacking anyone.

Beast Boy

This Dc character has the ability to take shape of any animal of this planet. He got his power when an untested serum was injected into his body, which was supposed to be saving his life from rare disease but ends up giving him animal power with Green skin. Beast boy can communicate with an animal in which he is transformed.


This marvel character is a mutant who has telepathic power. She can create illusion and mirage of fear in opponents mind, she can also shoot psychic arrows that can seriously harm anyone. Alongside all her psychic power she also possesses the power to talk to animals via telepathy.

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