10 Spider-Man Villains Who Look Good On-Screen Rather Than In The Comics

Spider-Man is one of the most loved comic characters ever created and because of his popularity he has a vast set of evil iconic villains which can be only rivaled by Batman. Being so popular Spider-Man has many on screen adaptations ranging from movies to animated T.V. shows. Sometimes the appearance of the villains in the comics was questioned by the fans because it was created in a different time for a different set of audience. Many of these mistakes were corrected by the on screen portrayal of these characters. Here is a list of ten Spiderman villains who look better on screen.

Green Goblin -Norman Osborn

The first movie of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy was absolutely adored by the fans. Green Goblin was played by William Dafoe who gave an amazing performance given a Joker-like deranged character. The appearance of Green Goblin was something very different from the comics as it was a robotic suit which at the time was something new and fitted pretty well in the movie. Even though there were a lot of questions raised about the suit but, it was a relatively new concept which worked really well.

Venom (Spider-Man-Unlimited)

Spider-Man Unlimited was a show where a lot of experiments were done with the characters in a new and different style of animation. They gave venom who was one of three main villains of the series a more muscular look with a huge built, making him look like the Hulk. This look made Venom more intimidating as a character. This animation also helped to better the comic depiction of this famous villain. It’s rare to see comics being inspired from on screen portrayals.

Electro (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

This depiction of Electro was very different from the one seen in the comics. It was a copy of the electro from the ultimate universe. This was a relatively easy Electro to copy. They had tried something new and suprisingly it worked well. In a movie where they did a little too much, this adaptation of Electro although experimental, worked out well and suited the character. Many fans do not like this electro and would prefer the classic one like in the comics.

Kraven The Hunter

Kraven the hunter was a character who although being a world class hunter had a really goofy look in the comics where he wore a leather jacket with a fur hood and shorts. This was a weird look for a hunter. The Spectacular Spider-man  changed this for the better by changing him into a lion. When he could not challenge Spidey in his human form, he mixed his DNA with that of a lion and it resulted in a huge hybrid that looked cool and could beat Spider-Man in one on one battle.

Taskmaster (Ultimate Spider-Man)

Ultimate Spider-Man has had many weird character designs but Taskmaster was one character they worked well on. Taskmaster is a character who has remained unnoticed outside of the comics. He is a mercenary who can learn anyone’s fighting style just by observing them, making him an amazing character. In the comics he had a skull mask and a hood with orange spandex but here he got a more tactical armour which has made him look very cool.

Electro (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Electro returns to this list and this time he is from Spectacular Spider-Man. This show is considered to be the best Spider-Man cartoon as the way it changed many characters’ back stories making the story arcs more interesting. Here the Electro suit is a darker shade of green with electicity pipes running all over the suit. They made the mask even more epic by making electricity cover his face when he is fighting rather than the old mask which was designed just to look like electricity.

Tombstone (Spectacular Spider-Man)

Tombstone is an albino skinned gangster who was born with enhanced strength. In the comics there was a weird way in which artists drew his nose which distracted the fans from the character, making him look rather silly. On top of that he wore leather jackets. In the Spectacular Spider-man they made him look like a big businessman, dressed him up in suit and made the big man look very cool. They even made his nose normal.

Green Goblin (Harry Osborne)

Spider-Man 3 is one of the most criticized superhero movies but at least it did not fail in making Harry Osborne look cool as he took on the mantle of Green Goblin and changed the look a little. He chose a glider which was more like a skateboard and the costume looked like it was made for combat. His suit was black rather than green and wore a half mask like Winter Soldier does. This suit was very different from the one he wore in the comics which was same as his father.

Dr. Octopus (Spider-Man 2)

One of the most famous villains in the Spider-Man comics is Doctor Octopus. Mainly known for his wit, but his mechanical arms give him a physical presence also. His appearance in the comics is a bit weird as he is a short fat man in a green spandex suit with mechanical arms. In Spider-Man 2 the depiction of this character was amazing. He was a man in normal clothes with mechanical arms. The detailing of the mechanical arms was exceptional and made this character stand out.

The Vulture (Spider-Man Homecoming)


MCU did not follow the origin story of the Vulture from the comics but created a new one to fit in the MCU. In the comics the Vulture had developed this harness which was skin tight and covered in feathers. This harness was the source of his ability to fly and super strength. In the movie the Vulture had a cooler, mechanical and more dangerous suit. He used tech discarded by Tony Stark to make his flight suit. This was a change in origin which was radical but made the character better suited to the story and situation.

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