10 Deaths In MCU Movies That Turned Out To Be Fake

The snap at the end of Infinity War broke many hearts as it wiped out some of our favorite heroes like Spider-Man and Star-Lord. But they were only gone for the first half of the next film, Endgame. This was not the first time that MCU resurrected its heroes or fooled us with their deaths. In some cases, we moaned over characters that never even died. Being a hero and fighting dangerous villains does put them through near-death experiences, almost taking our breaths away. But 23 movies have taught us to not give up as they often come back. Sadly some superheroes such as Black Widow and Iron Man whose passing away hit us the most will never return. Here are 10 deaths in MCU movies that turned out to be fake.

 1. T’Challa

T’Challa’s challenger Killmonger managed to defeat him in the combat and throw him off the waterfall to everyone’s surprise. Assuming the King of Wakanda to be dead, Killmonger obtains the throne and begins his reign. All this while, we all knew, deep inside our hearts that the Black Panther would return even though we saw him plummet from the waterfall. As it turns out, T’Challa was rescued by the Jabari and given the Heart-Shaped herb.

 2. Nick Fury

MCU Movie

Nick Fury is one of the most discreet men whose right-hand doesn’t know what his left hand is upto. After discovering that SHIELD was compromised and infiltrated by Hydra, Nick Fury faked his death and hid it from everyone including Captain America and Black Widow. No one doubted this act after the doctor declared him dead and a funeral was held for him. Once the Cap and Black Widow prove their loyalties, Nick Fury reveals his survival and explains that he faked his death with the help of Tetrodotoxin B.

 3. Bucky Barnes

Deaths in MCU Movies
Deaths in MCU Movies

Who knew that titular villain in Captain America: The Winter Soldier would turn out to be Cap’s best friend Bucky Barnes? Marvel fans who read the comic books saw this coming. But the others would never imagine in their wildest dreams that a man who fell off the train from hundreds of feet above could make it out alive.

 4. Wong

Avengers: Endgame Wong

One of the victims of the Hong Kong Sanctum Sanctorum destructions was Wong. As Kaecilius leaves, it is assumed that Wong dies from the rod pierced through his chest. But all of it literally gets undone as Doctor Strange uses the Time Stone to reverse time. Resurrection wouldn’t be the right term here as technically, nothing ever happened.

 5. Janet Van Dyne

In the Marvel comic books, Janet van Dyne is one of the earliest Avengers and the founding members of the team. Despite being an important character, she didn’t appear in the MCU until the sequel of Ant-Man. She was assumed to have perished while going subatomic during a battle but in reality, Janet was stuck in the Quantum Realm. Although an Easter egg had indicated her survival in Ant-Man, fans were excited to finally see her in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

 6. Red Skull

Deaths in MCU Movies
Deaths in MCU Movies

No dead person’s appearance surprised more than that of Red Skull. He was the main villain in Captain America: The First Avengers who was believed to have perished by touching the Tesseract. He didn’t return since exploding in World War II and therefore no one cared to confirm his demise. It wasn’t until Avengers: Infinity War that released 10 years after Captain America: The First Avengers where we learnt that the Tesseract had transported him to Volmir and made him the protector of Soul Stone.

 7. Agent Phil Coulson

Deaths in MCU Movies
Deaths in MCU Movies

Phil Coulson was a loyal and brave SHIELD agent who was stabbed by Loki for his bravery. He was called a superhero without a cape and his sacrifice was the glue that brought the Avengers together. He was considered dead for the following films until he returned to the small screen in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

 8. Vision

Vision’s death was inevitable in Avengers: Infinity War but no one knew that he had to face painful deaths twice. Wanda was forced to destroy the love of her life and the Mind Stone on his head in order to save the mankind. Even though she succeeds in destroying the Infinity Stone and in killing Vision before Thanos’ arrival, it all goes futile as the Mad Titan resorts to the Time Stone to reverse the whole action. Vision is brought back to life only for Thanos to crush his head and obtain the Mind Stone.

 9. Loki

Deaths in MCU Movies
Deaths in MCU Movies

Loki is the God of Mischief who has fooled us on many occasions. Playing tricks is his hobby and faking his death is the most commonly used one. In spite of his repeated trickery, he managed to fool his brother, Asgardians, and his fans in Thor: The Dark World when Kurse impales him. Whole Asgard was moaning his death, including Thor but Loki secretly disguised as his father Odin and took on the throne.

 10. Pepper Potts

pepper potts

Aldrich Killian, the man who gets scorned and shunned by Tony Stark, gets his revenge by kidnapping Pepper Potts and injecting her with Extremis formula. The formula enhances her strength and durability which she uses to help Iron Man in defeating Aldrich. But when she falls from several stories above into a fiery pit, most of the audience forgets about her Extremis system. After a few tensed moments, Pepper emerges from the fire like a phoenix with a hot metal and hits Killian with it.

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