20 Insane Superpowers of Venom That Make Him Stronger Than Spider-Man!!!

Venom is a darker version of Spider-man. These two iconic characters have a long history of being at two extreme ends, one stands for saving his neighborhood and mankind from bad guys and other is an evil personified. He did appear in Sam Raimi’s Spider-man trilogy, but it was totally shoddy and rushed. Later, the director confessed that he never wanted Venom in the last part of the trilogy but studio forced him to put him there and we know the result was an unmitigated disaster.

But now Sony is trying to resurrect the character outside MCU as Spider-man is now an Avenger. Venom is Sony’s attempt at making a cinematic Spider-verse without Spiderman. The trailer does not disappoint. Tom Hardy looks awesome as Venom. But how well do you know your alien Symbiote anti-hero? Venom has a plethora of powers and abilities in the comic books that we would like to see on screen. Some are so amazing that it would make even Spiderman whine like a toddler.

Presenting 20 Insane Superpowers of Venom that make him stronger than Spider-Man….

Super Power replication

Here’s the thing – the Symbiote doesn’t inherently own Spider powers like Peter Parker. When the Symbiote bonded with Peter first, it became so fascinated by Peter’s abilities that it decided to replicate those powers in his next host, Eddie Brock. The Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Ghost Rider, Groot and a lot of other heroes have been host to the Symbiote in the comics. Does it mean the Symbiote now has all their powers too??


The Symbiote’s signature Black Suit comes with a lot of cool powers. One of them includes the Black Venom suit’s ability to mimic any form and color of clothing. Not just that, the Symbiote can even let Brock blend in with his surrounding environment like a chameleon.

Can form weapons out of his body

When Flash Thompson became Agent Venom, he had a pretty successful run as an American Super soldier that uses an alien Symbiote to serve his country. Apart from replacing Flash’s legs (he lost them while serving abroad), the Symbiote suit is basically bulletproof. It can also extend itself to form shields, axes, swords and all kinds of melee weapons.

Can secrete acid

Superpowers of Venom That Make Him Stronger Than Spider-Man

This concept sounds straight out of the Aliens movies. The Xenomorphs aren’t the only ones who can secrete acid. In the 2099 universe, Kron Stone became the new Venom and fought the Spiderman of that era, Miguel O’Hara. In the 2099 universe, the Symbiote has learned a few tricks, including secreting acid that can literally melt his opponents.

Spider-Sense immunity

The Spider-Sense, Spiderman’s famous superpower that has gotten him out of a lot of fixes before, does not work on Venom. There is no exact explanation as to why it doesn’t work on the Symbiotes, but the prevailing theory is that since the Venom Symbiote used to be a part of Spiderman, the Spider-Sense thinks it’s a friend, not a foe, even after Venom pretty much became one for Peter later on.

Can cure cancer

Before Eddie Brock became Venom, he was going through a lot in his life. He lost his job, his family and later found out that he was at the terminal stages of Adrenal cancer which was slowly killing him. The Symbiote bonded with Brock and everything changed. If the host dies, the Symbiote dies. So it made sure that Brock’s cancer did not kill him. The Symbiote saved Brock’s life.

Can shoot parts of his body into people and suffocate them to death

Sounds a bit gnarly, doesn’t it? Venom was Marvel’s greatest anti-hero around the 1990’s. He was re imagined as a vigilante who believed in extreme justice. One time, Venom saw a daylight mugging in progress, caught the thief by the throat and shot a portion of his own suit into the other guy’s neck. All we could hear next was “GGGAAAGH”!

It can hear the voice of the universe

Before you think of it as Star War’s The Force, we urge you to reconsider. After the venom symbiote is cured of its insanity by his race, the Klyntar, it decides to function as a separate entity, outside of his host. In Venom: Space Knights, it is revealed that the Symbiote can now hear the voice of the universe, telling it where it needs to be to save the day.

Super digestive system

Venom’s teeth aren’t just for show. He can literally chew through anything. One instance that showed how enormously gastronomically gifted the Symbiote made Eddie Brock is when Eddie fought Sandman, his fellow Sinister Six member. Venom literally chewed sand (and a huge portion of it) from Sand Man’s body, and made him so weak that the other guy was unable to maintain form again.


It’s not much of ability as it is gross (and fascinating). After Venom was bonded to the Scorpion and tortured by an American Senator, the Venom Symbiote went crazy. All this time killing so many people had also taken a toll on its mental well being. Mac Gargan aka the Scorpion had no control over the Symbiote, who had taken over his body. It gleefully went through a rampage across Asgard, feeding on the entrails of any Asgardian it could lay its hands on.

Venom’s Symbiote is adaptable

Venom’s body has the power to evolve and adapt itself to every possible environment which explains so many versions of Venom, on the other hand, Spiderman remains constant and struggles to adapt in different environments.

Venom can embody qualities of his opponent

He is Spiderman and so much more as it has the unique ability to embody all the abilities of his opponent which turns him into an unstoppable monster.

Venom’s powers increase/decrease based on Host’s feelings


He is a Symbiote that has possessed a body of the host. If the host hates Spiderman like crazy, then the powers of Venom shoots up many times over which makes it almost impossible for Spiderman or anyone to overcome such negative force.

He can never run out of web


Spiderman is able to throw web-slingers as he was bitten by a radioactive spider or in Amazing Spiderman he engineers web-shooters on his own that are custom made. In the Sam Raimi trilogy, we saw that he ran out of webs once he started doubting his abilities. On the other hand, he can throw endless webs as his suit can naturally generate unlimited webbing.

He can Shape-shift


Not many nerds know that Venom symbiote can actually shape-shift to become anyone he wants so as to blend in any environment and launch a surprise attack against his opponents. Well, Spiderman has no such abilities.

He can be Invisible


He is one of those rare creatures who are impervious to spider sense and can camouflage himself which gives him awesome cloaking skills.

He can transform itself into weapons


Venom symbiote allows its host to morph into deadly weapons of his choice which really makes him a one-man killing machine.

He can regrow limbs

Unlike Spiderman, he can regrow injured limbs instantly which allows him to fight persistently.

He has genetic memory


Venom symbiote has the ability to pass onto intellect and abilities of one host to another. Well, then the 18th host will have so many powers that Spiderman will be overwhelmed by the sheer force.

He can enter into the Internet


In the comic-book title “Carnage Unleashed”, Venom uploaded itself on the internet to fight another Symbiote on the information highway. Spiderman needs his friend’s (Ned Leeds) help with anything related to tech.

Tom Hardy’s Venom is going to be released on October 4, 2018. Here’s the film synopsis:

One of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award-nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom.

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