10 Celebs Who Love Each Other (And 10 Who Can’t Stand Each Other)

A lot of celebs face a lot of fueds, while a lot remain the best of friends for long times, Here is a list of celebs, ten who can’t stand each other, while ten who absolutely love each other:

Bill Murray and Harold Reigns (Enemies)

This might come as a shock for most fans that I am dynamic to of Bill Murray and Harold Reigns had a falling out the great pair got into a serious fight during the filming of Groundhog Day it was Bill Murray’s divorced time and he had temperamental issues during those days.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon (Friends)

Both these superstars, one a secret spy and one Batman both came into Hollywood at the same time and together even so that the two won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting screenplay the actors and filmmakers friendship has only grown better they have collaborated on various projects such as project greenlight and much more. Even though they haven’t been together after their film in 1999 their Bond scenes to grow more than ever.

Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett (Enemies)

People have a lot of reasons to hate the 2003 comedy show that featured two Cops who were also buddies Hollywood homicide show was a total disaster because the action was nothing but something that we could only expect in the 80s, the jokes were so bad that they made people cry and the two leads Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett were really bad together. The actors have a lot of heat going on with each other and the relation is typically bad.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire (Friends)

Of course Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire friendship is no secret from anyone we all know that the two actors did a great job in the film The Great Gatsby that didn’t do so well but they weren’t friends only at that time the two actors met at kids when they audition for a role the two had many things in common such as they both wanted to be in Hollywood and both were raised by single mothers wouldn’t it be great to see the two in future together?

William Shatner and George Takei (Enemies)

William Shatner surely is an egotistical man and George Takei too isn’t very polite, of course with natures such as these people ought to fight and be rude to each other this is what happened on the sets of Star Trek. The feud is now over 40 years old and doesn’t seem to end anywhere.

Bradd Pitt and George Clooney (Friends)

This is undoubtedly the hottest bromance on this list both the actors Brad Pitt as well as George Clooney are one of the hottest men that the world has ever seen. The two can always be seen playing pranks on each other, once Brad Pitt put a sticker on Clooney’s ka saying “small penis onboard” and Clooney sent letters that had some bad stuff written on them signed by Brad Pitt the. The two actors have been in more than a few films together be it the oceans series on the less famous Burn After Reading.

Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey( Enemies)

Jerome Flynn and Lena Headey were a couple once things ended really badly and that resulted in a lot of you it’s now the one’s couple stars in Game of Thrones and refuses to speak to each other completely the two don’t have a lot of screen time together and that is a great thing for them.

Seth Rogan and James Franco (Friends)

These two actors can surely be called the bearers of Apatow comedy line, James Franco, as well as Seth Rogen, have diverged many a time due to their changing careers where Rogen is always into comedy but Franco sometimes goes to write books or whatever but the to get back eventually and that happens a lot there have been a number of films in which the two have a beer together and made us laugh like crazy this is undoubtedly the best and the funniest bromance ever.

Ryan Reynolds and Wesley Snipes (Enemies)

Sure we all know how Wesley Snipes can be he and Ryan Reynolds don’t look eye to eye and that is an understatement that you have had many feuds on the set of the blade where snipes could always be seen calling him a ‘cracker’ and smoking marijuana in his trailer.

Maise Williams and Sophie Turner (Friends)


Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner might be sisters that don’t look eye to eye on the HBO series Game of Thrones but in real life, the two are more than sisters. They are the best of friends that the world has ever seen, be it playing pranks on each other or coming together as a team to play pranks on other crew members this duo has been loved and will always be loved by everyone be it Game of Thrones lovers or haters.

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