Silver Surfer vs Thor: Who Would Win And Why?

Silver Surfer vs Thor: Who will be the last one standing?

This cosmic battle would be a treat to watch. Thor is the strongest Avenger and Silver Surfer is one of the strongest cosmic heroes of the Marvel universe. If this space battle ever takes place, it is going to be really epic and long. It will be really tough to determine a winner as both the individuals are extremely powerful and have limitless powers. Let’s analyse both these heroes and find out that who will be the ultimate winner of this duel.

Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is a humanoid with metallic skin who can travel space with the aid of his surfboard-like craft. Norrin Radd was originally a young astronomer on the Planet Zen-La. He saved his homeworld from the planet destroyer Galactus in return of serving him for life. While serving Galactus gave him a portion of his cosmic powers, a new body along with a surfboard-like craft on which he could travel faster than light. Earlier he searched for new Planets for Galactus to consume, but when he found Earth, witnessing the people of Earth he disagreed to follow Galactus anymore and opposed him and saved Earth but was exiled there.

The Silver Surfer is insanely powerful. The powers he possesses are superhuman strength, endurance, and senses, as well as the ability to absorb and manipulate the universe’s ambient energy. The Surfer can navigate through interstellar space and hyperspace, which he can enter after exceeding the speed of light. He can survive in any known environment, even deep space and hyperspace and does not need any food, water, light, etc. to survive as he can convert matter into Energy.

Along with all these powers, his Surfboard is mentally linked to him and is nearly indestructible. It grants him the god-speed that he has.


Thor is the Son of Odin and the king of Asgard. He is the protector of all the 9 realms and possesses a magical hammer named Mjolnir which actually provides him the ability to control thunder and lightning and his flight. Thor is the only person who is worthy of picking up the mighty hammer, Mjolnir and the hammer is his ally.

Whenever he is in danger, he just sorts of calls the hammer and where ever it may be, it comes to the rescue. The Mjolnir actually allows him to fly, Manipulate electricity and weather, and transport dimensionally. Other than that his powers include Superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and longevity.

Even without the Mjolnir, Thor would be an extremely strong opponent for any individual. Thor possesses electricity within himself and he can summon that electric Thunder he possesses if the Mjolnir is not with him and this is called the Odin Force. Other than that, he also has a Magic belt which gives him various mystical powers and it adds on to his strength.

Silver Surfer vs Thor

This Battle is the actual king of Superhero v Superhero match and it had been at the top even in the comics for decades. In the comics, the plot circled around Loki as he convinced the Silver Surfer that Thor was an evil god. This evil trick played by the God of Mischief led Silver Surfer to attack Thor in Asgard. Unbeknownst to either side, Loki was enhancing the Surfer’s power cosmic abilities with his own magical powers. We should keep this in mind that the Silver Surfer is not any type of weakling with only the power cosmic at his disposal.

Silver Surfer vs Thor

This misunderstanding led to a long drawn out duel of Thor and Surfer beating the hell out of each other with an agenda in mind. The Surfer wanted to annihilate this ‘Evil’ God of Thunder and Thor was trying to protect Asgard from destruction. Well, the battle ended as the two heroes saw the goodness in each other and understood that this all was arranged by Loki. All the readers were left to wonder who would have won.

Silver Surfer vs Thor

Well, if this battle was to occur again, Thor might actually bite the dust as Surfer can go at a speed faster than light and convert matter into energy, making use of whatever is around him to attack his opponent. Thor can only survive against this limitless and untamed power for so long.

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